I apologize

  • Many of you guys have seen that I promised a Onewheel hippy jump video...

    But the truth is... I couldn't do it. I have a video of me trying a bunch of times (if you want to check it out)


    I tried so many times and I just didn't got it to work. I could maybe do it if i tried a few times more, but my Onewheel was getting pretty beat up after all the attempts so I gave up.

    I shouldn't have promised something I couldn't do.

    • Simen

  • @simenlier Dude, are you insane? You're going to apologize for this? That is one of the best videos on here, haha, and that you tried that so many times is AWESOME! There's nothing wrong with telling people that you are going to strive to achieve something and not achieving it... not trying is different, but you clearly tried.

    I love the effort and resultant quality of your videos and I love how you are pushing what can be done on this thing (like the jump you did in your other video).

    To the mechanics of this problem... and I'm sure after all those tries you've thought of all these ideas, but...

    • did you try in various modes (especially "Elevated")? Maybe they'd give you more time before the board dips.
    • keeping the stick you have to jump over as low as possible would mean the least time away from the board, but it looks like you've already done that.
    • going faster would maybe keep the board steadier for longer?

    There is a promo video from Onewheel showing someone jumping up and doing a 180 to switch on the board, so it seems possible to leave the board, but only very briefly, I guess.

  • Wow dude...

    Thank you so much for all those good words. I appreciate it a lot :)

    I tried all of the things you listed. Then I mean everything. I even tried driving the wrong way on the OW. I usually drive with the sensor pad as the front, but I tried the other way to. I just couldn't do it. I didn't even show all of my fails in the video, if I were to include them all there would be around 50-55 fails, haha.

    But again, thank you :+1:

    (and if you saw my video "Onewheel - Last Days of Summer" I actually did the 180)

  • tricks are always hard, but will very satisfying when you land it ;)

  • I echo what @kbern said. My only advice is maybe start smaller and even no obstacle to jump over. Just getting the basics down of the board moving still and you coming off then back on again I'm sure is valuable. Try doing a shove it also with the board. I tried to no avail to get it down and finally gave up when I kept eating it.

  • @simenlier said:

    Onewheel - Last Days of Summer

    OK, I hadn't watched that video... another good one... love the jump into the water. Yeah, so now I see the 180. Of course you just made it, as the back of the board was almost down already. Hmmm... this is a tricky problem.

  • @simenlier even though you didn't get it, still great video!!

  • haha, nice try though! I think that you're not going fast enough, frankly. You need the board to have more forward momentum, so it stays under your feet. Of course, this makes failure a lot more painful... Great video.. I never have the patience to actually edit my footage, so my videos end up being poorly cut footage dumps.

  • Great vid! I also think you need to go a bit faster to succeed, but won't blame you for not trying ;) good job!

  • You will be excused when you'll post a new awesome vid' as you know doing so well(freeride or freestyle it doesn't matter) :metal: :laughing:

  • Agreed with all above: don't you dare apologize. You're an example of how the sport will be built. We need to share our experiments. Helmets off to you.

    I'm going to have to study what's happening here. I am astronomically far from doing tricks but this will inspire me to get better.

    Question for you (and all interested): is there anything the board could be doing to make this more possible?

    Assume sky's the limit, with the current board, but new modes. Not sure we can do anything about the asymmetrical balance of the board, at least anything that we want to commit to video and keep our warranties.

    I'm thinking a hippy flip mode where it expects a jump (foot off the sensor) at a certain speed and direction that will give you a little more time to land before the heavy side dives, and eases you back to balance. If it doesn't get that food back, the kill switch still engages, but maybe a little later.

    Maybe something about learning how you like to jump, or expecting a certain kind of jump.

    I'm talking out of turn, and I haven't done this a million times like you have, so I'd like to hear your perspective. What do you struggle with?

  • @willcapellaro If I drive fast enough the board makes it under and to the other side, so thats not the problem. The problem is that its 50/50 if the boards stays or if it falls to its side. If it falls it is impossible to land. But first when it doesn't fall its only the timing of the jump and managing the landing.

    I think it is a bit of luck, because if i would have tried again there is a slight chance I could stick the landing. So I think its mostly luck when it comes to land on it.

  • @simenlier You did a hippy jump! You just didn't land it yet. Loved the video bro!!

  • @simenlier Interesting. How does the jump feel? How does the landing feel? Is it still engaged when you land?

  • Sensor release should kill the board and stop it dead once your feet leave the board. So your momentum should carry you over the board every time, thus making this jump impossible to achieve.

    That you got so close suggests that the sensor delay is too great, you have clearly left the board, it should stop.

  • @Andrew As I was informed correctly, it is programmed to stay activated for a moment, to avoid shutdown on bumpy terrains.

  • I don't agree. Having an inadequate delay hurts riders somewhat reliably (people reposition their feet, the board stops suddenly, and they face plant). This continues to happen even now, with the delay as it is. On the other hand, a runaway board may cause (typically not much) damage or (typically not great) injury only rarely because people don't normally ride fast directly toward am obstacle and then jump/fall off. There is a balance to be struck, but it should heavily favor the rider. An enhancement to consider would be to have the board slowly de-power or coast a brief moment after the kill sequence has been started and before engaging a full brake stop. My $0.02

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