Worth the investment ?

  • Hey !
    I'm new here, discovered the OW on instagram last week.
    I really would like to by one but need to try it before.

    I Wonder if anyone regrets its investment on such product. I'm living in town and would plan to use the OW the weekend in the forest, at the beach ... not so much in town actually.

    Also what are your feedbacks on the range ? on French website, feedback mention more a 5 to 7 km rather than 10-11 km on OW spec.

    Thanks for your feedbacks

  • @xav31 I love mine, it still makes me grin every time I step on it ...


    ... as for range, I get 6-7 miles on pavement, less on sand

  • @xav31 Probably my favorite purchase ever. Had mine 8 months, and commute to work on it, and ride it for fun as often as possible.

  • Well, it's the fastest Summer ever I tell you.
    Can't get off the damn thing...

  • @xav31 And as far as range, most people are averaging about 6-7 miles on a charge as advertised. But most people will also tell you that after riding for 6 miles, you're ready for a 20 minute break... which is perfect since that's how long it takes to charge.

  • @thegreck we live in the same city :) I will let him try it ;)

  • Point #1: I do not regret getting mine. I'm 37 years old, and every time I ride it feels like I'm floating on powder on a snowboard. There is a learning curve, though, and while I am not an expert snowboarder, I have a decent amount of experience. I think it helps to at least know the basics of turning and carving with a snowboard or skateboard, but with practice, you can get the hang of a OW probably even a little faster than when learning to snowboard because you're on level terrain.

    Point #2: From what I've read on here, the biggest reason people sell their OW or regret it is if they get hurt. It is a board sport, and although you do not have to ride the OW like a demon out of hell, you have to be careful as you could fall and be hurt in almost any condition or terrain. I have fallen hard twice. The first was three days after I got mine. Hit the side of my face and got a black eye. I didn't have a helmet, but a helmet wouldn't have protected that side of my face. Still, WEAR A HELMET. Second fall was a month ago in a pretty hilly part of the city. Landed on my backside and my elbows. It was minor, but it hurt. My elbow still has some fluid on it. WEAR ELBOW PADS!

    Point #3: The range will depend on your body size and terrain. I am a heavy dude (260 lbs/117kgs), so I don't get the range that some on here get. However, I am able to motor around the local park, which has some pretty steep inclines for around an hour without hardly ever stopping. I only get 3.5 miles/5.6 km with mine, but I think I've gone a lot farther more as the OW and app sometimes stop communicating during my rides (even though the phone is in my pocket). Thus, I'm not always able to track my distance accurately.

    That's my take. I've had mine for nine months, and although I suffer from gout that can make my feet and ankles excruciating to walk on, I have never thought about selling my OW. I ride a couple to a few times a month, and I still never feel like it's taking up space. I even had to take out a loan to buy it, but I've never felt it was a bad investment. I probably look like a big, chubby dork on my OW, but I feel so awesome when I'm riding that I don't care.

  • "They fucking suck! Slow... Crappy handling, no fun at all! Heavy as hell... Shitty range... You'll feel like your old man when you ride it. Ever ride a frontward standing hoverboard? They are like that exactly. What ever you do DO NOT buy a OneWheel. I bought one and I sold it as fast as I could." -Robert Bigler, inventor and CEO of Hoverboard Technologies

  • Easy question: one of may favorite toys ever.

    That said, I think some of the enjoyment comes from how you ride it. I very much enjoy "board sports" (surfing, snowboarding, etc). If the feel of riding a board doesn't speak to you then I could understand how you might tire of this after a while. If you like other board sports and you can even kind of afford it, buy this right now.

    I live near a beach and think riding on the sand is ok but the novelty is gone after a few hours on a beach. Riding on trails is fun as hell. I am surprised how much I now enjoy riding on pavement. Carving up pavement (not around traffic) makes me feel like a kid...big smiles.

    Regarding range is body weight and terrain dependent. I am ~200 lbs. and typically ride ~5 miles. But after 5 miles of good trails, you want a few minutes to chill and recharge anyway.

  • @MichaelW hilarious

  • Im 95-100 kilos. I get 10-11 km per charge, every single time on flat ground, ofcourse I get more if there is a looooong slope (due to regeneration) and less if there is a step hill.

    I havent got the slightest regret. Or maybe one.. its that I didnt ride it enough last spring :P got 700 km between june to august.

    Im never going to "save" the money I would spend on petrol, but I do leave the car at home alot more, and take the board if Im going anywhere within 6-7 km from home.. im just bringing my charger to where im going. I always were a backpack with a can of puncture spray for the wheel, a sweater and water so the charger isnt a problem.

    Oh, and I ride on the maximum of PSI on the wheel to get more range and a nicer ride. (people tend to like a bit softer wheel, i dont)

  • Have had mine for 4 months roughly and even after my almost near fractured rib I still love it. Range I get is 10 to 14km a charge and by then the calfs are done for a few hours which is way more than enough to charge it back up.

  • I've had mine for 1 month.. I joined the forum 1 year ago and it took that long to pull the pin.. I always thought there was more important and practical things to spend the money on.. The second I did my first carve I totally forgot about the money.. And to be honest I'm thinking how I can get a second board for friends and family.. I think about riding all day and my girl friend calls it the love of my life... All true..
    Life is for living, you only get one shot at it so get what you want and be happy 😀😀😀😀

  • Costs less than a season of snowboarding,
    and you have it ready anytime for you.

  • Zero regrets. Nada. Nil. I ride it every day to and from work. I ride on a dirt canal path, the beach, hiking trails, grass, asphalt. I'm 47 and I feel like a teenager when I'm on my board. Learning curve is steep if you have good balance or if you've snowboarded. That being said, you will fall. You will get hurt. It's a little like being thrown out of a moving car at first. Just get the best protection you can and you should pick it up in no time. I feel very confident on it now, but I am always taking proper precautions and minimize the risk of falling the best I can. Go for it and good luck!

  • @medhead I'm the same age as you and agree completely.

  • No matter where I ride all I get are.., that is awesome, your so cool,
    Can I sleep with you?

  • I love my Onewheel to death! It's one of the coolest toys I've ever owned.. I would have killed to have this thing as a kid..

  • @MichaelW As I rode around the tailgate areas this weekend in Auburn, Al, I overheard a Clemson fan say to his buddies, "That's just a lazy man's skateboard." I probably should have gotten off and gave him the opportunity to ride it, but I was pissed and ignored it. But for that one comment, I got about 10-15 exclamations of awe.

  • @hekkubus That sounds like an online hater comment! I see stupid comments like that a lot on Onewheel's Facebook page, but in the real world when I'm riding it, usually all I hear are Oohs and Aahs and Siiiiick! Even from skaters.

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