Not charging to 100%

  • The app shows 12 cells at 3.62 and 4 at 3.60 with total charge of 89%. This is after taking it to 0% and then 48 hour charge.

    Although it is not back to 100%, the full discharge/recharge did increase the max percentage from 85% to 89%. I may give it a try again (fully drain it and recharge) to see if: (a) the max recharge percentage increases and (b) I can get closer to the 3.64 charges listed in @DocBlock picture above. Thoughts anyone?

  • @ted

    Might wanna try soft discharge at the bench.
    Use a clamp to press 1 sensor, place it on 2 boxes freeing the wheel and then press the second sensor and release.
    It'll start rolling and let it run until it stops.

    Is it affecting the range?

  • These batteries do NOT have to be drained before charging.. it will have no effect on the batteries longevity.. it's actually better to charge them before they are dead.. with the right charging cycles these batteries in theory can last forever..

  • @njcustom Maybe not forever, but for the life of a human being at least.

  • I would love to have a way to PREVENT it from charging to 100%.

    I would much rather have a way to only charge it to 96% or so. That way I could ride it down my driveway after charging.

    I do not have a good solution right now, but I may try putting the charger on a timer that cuts off after some calculated time based on the current battery.

  • @thegreck lol

  • @Zluz you can .. turn the board on while charging and you can actually watch the battery charge from the app

  • @njcustom that's a good point, and I have watched it before.
    I was hoping to be able to regularly plug it in overnight.

    I'll probably end up using an arduino to calculate the amount of power it should take and cut off when it approaches 90%.

  • @Zluz good point.. that needs to be done every so often..

  • Mine was only charging to 97% I ran battery all the way down. It ran up my hill several times on 1%charge. Then plugged it in and within 1 hour back to 100%. Maybe lots of short runs with short charges over 1400 milles (love the new app), so could be a good idea to run it dead every so often.

  • @CarvingUphillAVL I have noticed something similar. I could not get the charge to 100% even after repeatedly leaving it to balance for 48 hours. However, each time I drain the battery and recharge, I am noticing it getting closer to 100%.

    As @njcustom noted, the batteries should not need to be drained prior to charging. Empirically though, after repeatedly draining to ~50% and recharging, there seems to be something that is preventing the battery to 100%.

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