Not charging to 100%

  • Mine was only charging to 97% I ran battery all the way down. It ran up my hill several times on 1%charge. Then plugged it in and within 1 hour back to 100%. Maybe lots of short runs with short charges over 1400 milles (love the new app), so could be a good idea to run it dead every so often.

  • @CarvingUphillAVL I have noticed something similar. I could not get the charge to 100% even after repeatedly leaving it to balance for 48 hours. However, each time I drain the battery and recharge, I am noticing it getting closer to 100%.

    As @njcustom noted, the batteries should not need to be drained prior to charging. Empirically though, after repeatedly draining to ~50% and recharging, there seems to be something that is preventing the battery to 100%.

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