Places in NJ/NYC where banned

  • Where have you guys been told that you're not allowed to ride your onewheels? I'm from Northern NJ and I was stopped at Overpeck County Park and told that "hoverboards" are banned in all county parks and that it even says so on the signs before entering. I didn't confirm that with their park but the guy was nice and polite enough to just explain that the reason is because there have been people going there to practice and ended up having an accident and then the usual cracking of the skulls spiel.

    Immediately after leaving, I went to Saddle Brook County Park and I didn't see any signs about "hoverboards" and I've been going there for about two weeks now without being stopped, except by people wondering what I was riding and you know, the usual.

    My questions to you guys in the area:

    • Where have you been told you're not allowed to ride it

    • With the article that talks about how hoverboards and onewheels are banned in NYC, have you guys who participate in NYC meetups ever been stopped/fined? I have to go visit my company's HQ in NYC and was wondering if I could just ride my onewheel partly to there after parking my car somewhere.

    • Is it possible to fill out your own waiver and release of liability to give to a park or anyone who tells you that it's not allowed because it's a safety issue and they're simply trying to look out for you and for themselves legally?

  • @razaclas

    Technically speaking, electric scooters are illegal in New York, yet you see them everywhere.
    I ride my e. scooter way more than I ride my car.
    Never been stopped.
    Most cops look the other way so long as you're out of the way and follow the rules.
    Yet, someone was ticketed on a bicycle because he didn't yield for pedestrians.
    Point is, play by the rules and whomever it is, they have the right of way. Pick bike lanes and quiet areas.
    You probably got stopped by someone new or take his job way too seriously.
    You should be fine.

  • @razaclas there's one particular cop in Venice Beach that's got a hard-on for anyone one a OW. He's kicked me off the boardwalk 2x (sent me to the bike path) and another time he kicked me off a public street (saying I could only ride on the sidewalk). But other cops could really care less and just let me breeze by no issues. I've also been booted from 2 L.A. parks.

  • @groovyruvy Seriously?? That's crazy... we never had any cops give us a second glance on the boardwalk, even when there were up to 6 of us riding. Well, maybe a second glance, but they never told us to ride somewhere else. Venice Beach is like the place where everyone comes together to do whatever.

  • @razaclas For NJ, take a look at; NJ 39:4-14.10. Electric personal assistive mobility device. Not a perfect fit for the OW, but pretty close. Treated like a bicycle, not a hover-board.

    But, bottom line on emerging restrictions will come down to how these boards are perceived by the local cops. Remember, municipalities can impose more stringent rules as the see fit. Be a good ambassador...

  • @Roy Yeah, I've only been told that one time that I couldn't ride it there so I just left to see if it was true of the other county park but I haven't been asked to leave yet or given any trouble.

    Every time someone stops me to ask what it is, I explain it and offer to let them try. Not having even owned the OW for a month, I've easily taught 100% of the 40+ people how to ride it comfortably and so far got 4-6 people to buy one with a handful of people still seriously considering buying one. I'd say I've been doing a pretty good job as an ambassador so far :D

  • Yeah I guess I'll just keep riding wherever until I'm told that I can't then just respect that and move on lol

  • @thegreck yeah it's the same cop every time. Younger, newer and an attitude. Not like this will help but he's maybe 5' 10" short black hair and always wearing sunglasses. Got an attitude and likes to throw his weight around. I'm heading down there in a bit, will be on the lookout for him :)

  • @razaclas I like to take Casey Neistat's advice and ride wherever I want until someone asks me to stop. Then I'll just carry my board until I'm out of their line of sight and start riding again.

  • Yes, but Casy's technique is best in a big city where you never see the same cop twice.

  • @Roy Well I live in LA, but I see the same cops a lot, so I'm worried about that advice backfiring on me.

  • hi,its normal in many place and always stopped by people

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