Barely used OneWheel for sale

  • I purchased a OneWheel, gently used for less than 10 miles, from a coworker a few months ago. I haven't had the time to play with it for more than 20 minutes of trying in vain to learn to ride outside my apartment one day. Between travel and health issues, I haven't been able to play with the one nice thing I've gotten myself all year. It's very sad, but my health issues have now impacted my employment and I need to sell the OneWheel.

    I'm open to offers, I paid $1200 + shipping and the OneWheel hasn't seen more than a few hundred more feet of use since than.

  • @th3r21ndr0p Sorry to hear, dude! Good luck with everything!

  • I am sorry to hear that you haven't used the onewheel. I am looking for one for my son and have been trying to rent, but haven't found a good option. I'd be willing to pay $500. Do you have the original box? Can you send pictures? Thanks.

  • Im truly interested! I have $600 save towards one. What is the lowest you will go? Please send pictures. Thank you!

  • You don't say in your original post, but I think you're in/near Pittsburgh PA?

    I'm in MD (north of DC, west of Baltimore). I might be interested if the price was right and if there was a way to handle a transaction in person.

  • i ll buy name your price.... my number is 585 709 0062.... don't get ripped off by these fools.

  • Lowest I will go shipped is 1150. Non negotiable lowest. Considering my circumstances, if you want to cover shipping, that would be a good will gesture.

    Not shut off to in person sale.

    I have original box/charger.

  • any luck @th3r21ndr0p? I thought @joeg said 'name your price'...? You might have been a bit too honest with your details about already being the 2nd owner, and telling us how much you paid. Where are you located? I would be more interested if you drop your price a bit and send us some pics.

  • @th3r21ndr0p If you can post a video + pics don't drop any lower. Seems silly to go lower, especially with how little use it has. If you have an Android phone download the POneWheel app or whatever it is or there is a diff one for Apple, just search OneWheel - they will tell you the total miles. Post pics of that.

    Sorry to hear you can't enjoy it dude. Wish you the best.

  • @hustle wouldn't matter if he bought a new car and went 3 feet off the lot. The price depreciated. Unfortunately this guy should take nothing less than 1k

  • @juts I would say 1200 is fair! I mean going lower to the extent of these $600 offers he's getting. That's ridiculous.

  • Notwithstanding the exact condition of the board and how much (or little) it's been ridden, I think we all know that $600 is too low of a price. $1000 + actual shipping costs in my opinion is a no brainer good price. $1150, $1200 or more than that is possible / aspirational, but at that point you're not that far away from the cost of a brand-new factory-issued board. When reselling a board you have 2 advantages to leverage: a lower than factory pricepoint, and immediate/faster gratification (i.e. it's possible you'd receive it faster via a private sale vs. purchasing from FM, although this advantage is diminished by the fact that FM has boards in stock and buyers are receiving their boards a lot faster). @th3r21ndr0p if you're not desperate for the cash hang tight, someone's gonna buy that board at a fair price.

  • @th3r21ndr0p yeah ignore anyone offering less than 1000. Also look on eBay people are selling used ones that look pretty beat up for 1200-1300+.

  • @groovyruvy Agreed man. 1000-1200 is probably your go to. Anything less than 1000 is, in my opinion, rude. Lol

  • @th3r21ndr0p where are you located ? Europe by any chance ?

  • Thanks for the input all. I guess I'm not TOTALLY set on that 1150 figure but there isn't a snowflakes chance in hell I'm dipping below 1k + shipping, and that is only in desperation. I want to retain as much money here because one day I'd like to grab a OneWheel again, finances dictate doing so as does my health recovery.

    I'm located in Pittsburgh. I am happy to MMS photos of this to anybody, inbox me your email or phone number.

  • Still available.

  • @hustle yea I agree with ya. 1000 to 1200 is the ideal. Less than 1k is just a joke

  • @th3r21ndr0p if you are not opposed to waiting another week or so throw it on Ebay if you are not having any luck on the forums. I know you pay a few more fees but I have yet to see one go for less than 1200 regardless of condition.

  • @th3r21ndr0p

    Shoot me an email
    My buddy is looking to grab one, I think I can convince him.
    If u can email a few pics would be great ! Thanks

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