Get big, get sued


    I honestly hope Segway comes after Onewheel purely from an exposure point of view because I hate these Hovertrax "hoverboard" things.

  • I think Onewheel is different enough (like better in every possible aspect) that Segway wouldn't come after them...those lame "hoverboards" are just a Segway without handlebars.

  • I think so too, but any press is good press. =)

  • That Hovertrax is really identical to a Segway. I mean come on, it has 2 wheels and works and rides exactly like a Segway. I think Segway will win against the Hovertrax because Hovertrax basically just gave the board another name and made it smaller. For Onewheel however, it rides totally different to a Segway and it is a ( One Wheeled) board giving it a unique characteristic that Segway doesn't have.

  • @BradK Agreed, but it does say that Segway is going after the Hovertrax for their “automatically balancing vehicle” patent. Reading the patent, not being a lawyer, who knows. I just want more people to know about the Onewheel. =) I need someone to ride with here!

  • @ThatGuy thanks for the info. Fm has some very smart people behind it which I'm sure have examined all the details and risks of different self balancing patents. That doesn't mean someone won't try to sue if they get big enough but if they get big enough they should hav the resources to fight off such lawsuits.

    Does anyone own one of this little two wheel scooters? The article says the popularity of these might be similar to tickle me Elmo years back. I'd think that might be mostly true except for very rare circumstances where people have very smooth surfaces with long ways to go....conventions, warehouses, etc. I'd include newly paved streets but it doesn't sound fun enough.

  • I own 2 Hovertrax from Inventist and they are amazing for indoor use

  • I live in Vancouver, Canada and see these and the unicycle downtown all the time now. The first time I saw one - about 2 years ago people were staring but now I see these thinge in busy intersections without turning a single head. The scooters still look very geeky IMO, I'd take the OW any day.

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