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  • Some of you may have seen my thread regarding my bad crash that had me considering the sale of my Onewheel (http://community.onewheel.com/topic/4002/bad-crash-2-week-old-onewheel-for-sale).

    After getting lots of feedback, I have some questions/comments:

    • Is there pushback in extreme mode? If so, at what speed? (I have felt definite pushback in classic mode and responded appropriately many times but have never felt in extreme mode)

    • I was at 14.5mph (OWheelbuddy app) going up a slight incline, even though I did not reach top speed is it possible that I maxed out motor capabilities at a lower speed?

    • The road was flat and smooth. I had ridden about 2 miles prior to the crash, some say that my foot either moved or that my shoes were at fault.

    • I'd like to see the ability to customize alerts using an app (I.e.OWheelbuddy) that can be set to warn of approaching max speed or speed set by user.

    • Any other positive or instructional feedback is appreciated. Read my profile - being able to ride safely is important to me as I am limited on doing many other enjoyable activities.

  • @McFly real extreme mode pushback at 3min33sec. Here:
    I let somebody else answer other question (my english is too bad)...

  • @McFly Get good dude. lol.

    In all seriousness - keep it in extreme and start off slow. Learn the acceleration, the braking, the dismount, LEARN THAT CENSOR, and wear protective gear. Getting comfortable? Practice carving. Practice in the grass, gravel, wherever. Practice standing still and just balancing.

    Once you learn the machine it's worth it, I promise.

  • @slydogstroh Thanks, I'm just really baffled by what happened with that crash. I had ridden over 20 miles in classic mode with no issues around town, through crowded sidewalks, balancing at stop lights etc. This was probably only my 3rd time in extreme mode and the first were for very brief rides. I'll get better!

  • I think extreme allows you to reach max speed without really feeling it. Mine starts to hum around 14mph so I back off and carve a bit at that time. Elevated is a good mode to keep you from hitting max while getting nice acceleration.

  • Using the new app In elvated mode I find 17 mph to be just past pushback. Meaning 16.9mph is the safest top speed for me. If I push to 17 mph I will probably wreck. I have wrecked at 18 mph at least. Its painful and of course not fun. Know your limits and you'll be ok.also when the nose goes up I always backoff within 3 secs or so because in elevated mode this means your in the 15 or 16 mph range. Some people dont like the nose tilting up in elevated but I find this to be ahelpful in avoiding going past pushback.

  • i can hit 20 easily but can't hold this speed because pushback usually starts around twelve. i've hit bursts of 23 without overweighting the front or freewheeling, but traction is an issue especially as it pertains to balance across the axle.

    you can't push through pushback, only against. you'd be surprised how far you can push it back though. the best i can do to manage pushback is to ride it in waves. at the limits of traction, my maximum speed depends on what part of the wave i'm at and this ain't good.

    be smooth on the gas and and you'll be in good shape. shifting your weight around is the name of the game. the sound coming from the wheel isn't directly linked to speed but is a good indicator how much room you have to push.

  • @McFly
    Ride with your front foot at 45 degrees. If you push forward too far the ball of your foot will hit the ground first and you may be able to run it out. If you're riding with your feet parallel and you push through to solid ground you're gonna eat it hard. Harrrrrd!

  • @Hamasvjnga I take it you're riding with your sensor in the back, then? I had to train myself NOT to do this because my foot would come off the sensor and cut the motor!

    @mcfly You've heard it before, but get out of classic mode. You will still get pushback in extreme but it's a lot more predictable. Since I don't tend to ride very fast, I mostly notice it if I accelerate aggressively or try to push my luck going downhill.

    I have had my board for 2 months and we've totally bonded in that time. The board will tell you when you're doing something wrong; you just have to learn to speak its language, and you do that by practicing slow and controlled.

  • @1woman1wheel
    Sensor up front. Front foot at 45... big feet though. Leading with the ball of the foot, helps on carves, front side turns, keeps knee turned out for quick unplanned dismounts. If the front heel is out and knee turned in when riding then your knee/ankle/leg will buckle when your front end comes down. Just a modified skateboarding stance. But then I ride like a UPS driver and only make right turns.

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