New Onewheel boards for Sale - UK & European customers wanted

  • I have a number of brand new boards for sale, will arrive in the UK in a week or so.

    Happy to discuss deals on a Onewheel bundle that could include any accessory found on our website!shop/n6uln

    If you're interested PM me @ to reserve your board now


  • Cracking commute this morning

    2_1473249728473_image.jpeg 1_1473249728473_image.jpeg 0_1473249728472_image.jpeg

    As to the Game being Over......I beg to differ I think it's just begun!

  • I didn't realise how hard it would be having to part with brand spanking new boards each week, I guess I should stop punishing myself by comparing them against my currently used, battered and well worn one!

    If you're in the UK or Europe and are interested in a new Onewheel then I can have one with you within a week of placing an order!

    2_1473719385047_image.jpeg 1_1473719385047_image.jpeg 0_1473719385046_image.jpeg

  • @Jimmers75 where did you get the handles?

  • @senor.jonn You can find them in the accessory store he mentions in his first post:!shop/n6uln

    Jimmy and I sell them. He ships from Britain and I ship to US customers.

  • @Jimmers75 Wow tire on the one in the middle looks so much they really wear that much? or is it just an illusion?

  • Cheers again Jimmers75! You are a legend among men good Sir! :D

    My OneWheel ordered from Jimmers75 arrived first thing this morning.. Less than 6 days after placing my order..

    And at the moment I couldn't be happier.. Although i did order some stickers from Ebay for it the same day (yes I am 5) and they have still yet to arrive.

    So if you need a OneWheel in the UK without all the delay Jimmers75 is your man... Just order your stickers first though to avoid disappointment!

  • Well stickers arrived... :D

    Now to learn to ride the thing... n stop making it look all pretty... def does feel like snowboarding.. but I feel like I'm right back to beginners skool again....


  • @Zen.Potatoes said in New Onewheel boards for Sale - UK & European customers wanted:

    Well stickers arrived... :D

    def does feel like snowboarding.. but I feel like I'm right back to beginners skool again....

    Yeah it's definitely its own animal, but the more you ride and figure out how it works, your snowboarding instincts will start to kick in and fill in the gaps.

    I used to skateboard, but when I got on the Onewheel for the first time it felt so foreign because so many things were very different from skating (like being able to put all your weight on the front while riding... that's commonplace in skating, but a death sentence when you only have one wheel).

    But after about a month of riding, when I started to feel a lot more comfortable on it, I started feeling my skating instincts coming into play. That's when it starts to get REALLY fun.

  • @Zen.Potatoes Thanks amigo appreciate the feedback.

    I'll be sure to get you a handle out just as soon as the next batch becomes ready and backpack too.

    Enjoy your full weekend with the board!

  • Cheers Jimmers75.

    Just got back from first full day with the OneWheel.. 2x 1hour sessions...

    Caving on concrete....I still remember being 13 and seeing Back to the Future 2... Finally that day has become.. :D what a time to be alive...!

    Picture show what will be my daily playground from now on......

    0_1474140541990_rsz_dsc_0039.jpg 0_1474140549409_rsz_dsc_0047.jpg 0_1474140555502_rsz_dsc_0053.jpg

  • @thegreck Cheer bud... it's amazing how after only 4 days on it... (but 20+ hours riding) how at home I feel on it... After a month or so hopefully it should really just feel a part of me... "THESE WHEELS CHANGE LIVES!" I now look at where i live with new eyes after many many years.. Always wished i lived at a ski resort.. now it feels like I do.... :D

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