Digital Shaping request. Top speed governor

  • Hello-

    Does anybody else want the ability to be able to adjust the top speed your board will travel at. I ride in Extreme mode which is good for a larger rider me and my friends feel. The problem is when you are leaning forward in that mode the board continues to ramp the acceleration until it is going full out, which is fine but the rider is forced to lean back to bring the speed down if you don't want to be riding full out. I live in Chicago and there are many streets you don't need to be riding at full speed.

    Can Onewheel provide us with a top speed selector, so we can have control over the boards top speed.

  • @jamescmurray33 with the shifting of the body's weight being the driving force, I feel my way to the speed I want to be at and have no issues maintaining it. So in my opinion you already can dictate your top speed.

  • @jamescmurray33 YOU are the governor. Keep your weight cernerted over the wheel and you've got gas pedal in front and brake in back. You just gotta find your sweet spot.

  • @jamescmurray33 Where in Chicago? If your anywhere near Lakeview we should meetup and ride sometime.

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