Polycarbonate fender

  • I like my fender, especially when it is wet or the pavement has a lot of sand or debris. I actually took mine off for the first time since I got my fender, and I felt like the board flexed a little bit better, which made turning a somewhat more responsive. It just seemed different when I rode it. Anyone notice this before? Maybe I'm just crazy.

    I also like the rugged look of the board without the fender.

  • @badcheese no they are not indestructible but are damn near close to it. No matter what you build a fender out of, especially something shaped like a wheel if you put enough pressure on it eventually its going to crack whether is polycarbonate or carbon fiber.

  • @ahxe45 I had inquired to @njcustom about maybe making a rubber fender- essentially a larger diameter tire affixed over the OW go-cart tire. That way if you wipe (which I do, and OW doesn't always remain right-side up) and the board rolls, the fender is rubber so no damage.

  • @groovyruvy That would probably hold up better than most materials because it has a lot more of an ability to flex with an impact. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Polycarbonate because people think that since its used to make bulletproof glass it must be indestructible which is not always the case. It also scratches much easier than carbon fiber does as well.

  • @ahxe45 agreed! If someone fabricates a rubber fender I'll be first in line to buy one!

  • @ahxe45 The fact that it's used for bullet-resistant windows, safety goggles, and blast shields for filming explosions (which is one of the ways I've used it) isn't what makes me say that it's nearly indestructible. What makes me say that it's nearly indestructible is its Izod impact rating of 600–850 J/m, which is not based on misinformation.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @groovyruvy amazing idea!! Love it

  • @badcheese that's good and all but unless you want to have a bullet resistant onewheel it probably won't show any noticeable difference over carbon fiber. Not to mention the price would probably be absurd but if someone can make one I would like to see a finished product.

  • @ahxe45 Prolonged exposure to salt water is notorious for making polycarbonate brittle, so its use in skim/surf boards seems like a design flaw.

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