Introducing the TwoWheel - 2x power, 2x speed

  • With all the talk about having a faster OW, I've been thinking about what it would really take to double the speed without doubling the risk.

    Since running the nose into the ground seems to be the biggest problem with high speed, I thought of a way to fix that for good.

    Note all that extra space for batteries too. Did I mention there's a motor in each hub?


    You probably won't be able to lift it, so it conveniently comes with a leash so you can pull it behind you after it dies.

    And, if you're thinking about flaming my photoshop massacre (which I deserve), please just make a better mockup & post it :)

  • It's hard to tell in this photo, but there's some clever suspension which allows you to accelerate & decel by leaning just like on your OneWheel - except faster & more recklessly of course - which is the whole point.

  • The steering is pretty high tech too since both wheels can turn slightly - either the same direction for high speed maneuvering or in opposite directions for tighter turning.

    One of my favorite features (not pictured here) is the locking back wheel for skidding stops. You can also abuse this feature by locking the front wheel from a standstill then leaning forward to achieve a rear wheel burn out.

    Safety Third!!

  • @jeff8v7 having a little trouble imagining how all of that would work but I love the concept, that is one sick beast!

  • @groovyruvy lol - it might not be realistic - but it's fun to dream. Knowing I'm not going to fly over the nose when I ignore pushback is really the only way I'd consider higher speeds :)

  • @jeff8v7 Man up, bro.
    alt text


  • Does the TwoWheel come with smoke bombs?

  • @MichaelW Is this the new inside joke for OW owners?

  • ^^^ Uh oh, @MichaelW ... we might have to get those for our next LA meetup video!

  • I love that you inclued a smoke bomb link bro... So funny... And yeah. Its our new joke. @hustle

  • I don't think this would turn at all.. but it looks cool

  • @njcustom Yeah - some steering innovation would have to happen - perhaps turning the wheels as you lean. It could also be fun to just go forward way too fast and run over everything. Maybe a little train plow on the front would be a good addition :)

  • I'd like some more torque for my one wheel,,,,to give us a bit more power for steep inclines,,,

  • probably a OW with 3000w and a bigger battery would be perfect :) we could go around 20mphish and have more torque for greater acceleration :P

  • Lol - someone’s building this 2 wheel monster I was dreaming of :)

    alt text

  • @jeff8v7 Damn that thing looks mean and fun. Only single drive though as I can't see a hub up front. Probably easy to add or a "pro" model down the line for the company that's making it.

    On the topic of your original concept back in 2016 have you seen this kickstarter?

    Isn't released yet as far as I can tell and being kickstarter there are the obvious risks. That being said it looks relatively simple enough for anyone that's ever DIY'd an eSkate to make something similar. It's the steering mech up front that's the impressive bit that would be somewhat hard to fabricate. Did a CAD model of how I'd do it but being dry on cash I haven't had time to try actually build my own lol.

  • That looks bad ass!!

    The ultimate 2 wheel machine for me would include the intuitive lean to steer and accelerate like OneWheel.

    I can imagine turning working if the platform rolled on the long axis. Roll right for right turn. Left for left. If both front and back wheel turned (ala 4 wheel steering cars), both tight turns and side “slides” could be achieved.

    To get the accel/decel from leaning, just measure weight distribution between front foot and back foot. More weight on front foot means acceleration. More weight on back door to decelerate. Hmm... surely someone has done that on a skateboard :)

  • @jeff8v7 It does, bit pricey and isn't out yet so looking to try build my own but with a hubbed motor for the better torque and so I can drop the chain. Tight on cash for projects so picking and choosing my battles so it's at the bottom of the pile lol.

    I'd love for a board to behave like you describe, really don't like the controllers. It just adds an additional step in the process of making the board do what you want. With the OW it's instinctive, everyone I let have a go grasp forwards and backwards quickly. It's purely balance for left and right that is the issue. Opposite appears to be true for controller operated eSkates from my own experience. As for steering I think what the Speedboard guy's are doing looks pretty spot on.

  • @Lia

    steering for the speedboard does look pretty awesome.

    I’m sure with practice the hand controls are decent, but balance-wise having the board react to you will always beat having to react to the board :-)

    Have a fun build!!

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