Onewheel "Referred By:" Rewards Program

  • Ok so I have been ripping it up on a large public college campus with just under 30,000 students on it for less than 72 hours and already I have given out ALL the business cards that came with the board and talked to countless people about the board. Social media is blowing up about how "the onewheel looks like so much fun" and "that hoverboard is so much cooler than the segway things". So this got me thinking that onewheel should start a rewards program for those that actively go out and refer people to buy their product. It would be simple really, Onewheel this is my pitch:

    1. Add a line to your ordering page that says "Referred By:_______" and have a new customer input an email or maybe the alias we use on this forum. (so I don't have to worry about spam)
      EDIT: @simenlier had a great idea to have us sign up for the "program" and give us a unique code that we can give out. Solves the spam problem.
    2. Reward customers for every X amount of onewheel orders that say they were referred by us. I'm not asking for much. Maybe after 3 orders, we get a T-shirt. After 5 we get some brand new footpads. After 10 we get a free tune up...etc.

    This is not me trying to get free stuff here, I just think that onewheel customers would appreciate being rewarded for going out of our way to promote your product. :bowtie:

  • Nice idea, I like it.

    And people that advertises for the OW can get like a code you can give to people that you can input when buying a Onewheel.

    I have seen many youtubers that get their own code for a website that they can give out to the viewers and they get sort of an discount or something.

  • I just got my buddy to order one last night!! His name is Adam @FutureMotion ;) same town I'm from. And I will get another to buy one soon, js

  • Sounds like a great solution to the glut of manufacturing capacity they don't have. ;)

  • @ThatGuy ... lol good point :astonished:

  • This would be really cool but is probably unnecessary in FM's eyes. Like we all know it turns heads on its own and sells itself. Anyone that can use google can order one in a matter of minutes if they really want one.

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