NoseDive - Actual concern or Overhyped?

  • I'm on the fence right now , trying to decide between picking up a Onewheel (which i can get immediately from my local Best Buy) or ordering and waiting for the Boosted Board 2 . I don't really plan to commute on it , just mostly going to be used for fun runs. I think i would 100% sold on the OneWheel if it weren't for all of the cases i keep seeing of the Onewheels nosediving for apparently no reason .

    I guess my question is: is this a real constant concern when you're riding? (nosedive) . and for those of you that have experienced it , is it primarily due to fighting pushback at high speeds? or you're foot coming off the footpad? or other random??

    if it's just a "fighting pushback" issue , or leaning too far forward , etc.. i'm fine with taking that risk... what i'm not OK with , is if the boards are randomly nosediving due to a slight shifting of the front foot or for no reason at all ...

    sorry i know this topic has come up a few times but was hoping to get some concrete answers to help make my decision before pulling the trigger

    thanks guys

  • @detroitwheelin get the onewheel, such a joy to ride. I ride several times a week and only once have I been pitched off unexpectedly 'for no reason'. I let FM know about it and they sent me replacement footpads (free) and since then I've had zero unexpected issues. However because it's an electronic device (and glitches can occur) and because accidents happen quickly, I wear pads (wrist, elbow and knee) and a helmet. By wearing pads I really don't worry about getting pitched off the board because I know if I do, I'm prepared.

  • @detroitwheelin just pull the trigger and get one. All of your doubts will go away the first time you set foot on the board. As for your concern I would honestly say that more than 90% of the time nosedives and falls happen from user error that gets blamed on the board. That's not saying that there haven't been malfunctions but if you are really concerned about it just wear pads and a helmet.

  • @groovyruvy thanks for the reply.. , i do plan to wear gear (at least wristguards and a helmet when really going at it) .. i'm not really worried about the fall , i take falls all the time :) .. i just kind of wanted to know if it's something that happens so often that it's a concern in the back of you're mind while riding all of the time ... if that's the case then it seems like it would be an annoyance and really keep you from fully enjoying the ride.

  • @detroitwheelin I have had my board for about 2 months and ride almost every day on and off road. I have yet to have a nosedive happen that wasn't my fault from either my foot sliding off of the sensor or going way past pushback.

  • @detroitwheelin I don't think about it much because it's a non-issue. Every nosedive I've ever experienced has been operator error. You're not going to get randomly pitched off the OW for no reason, unless its a rare instance where the board is malfunctioning and needs service. Do yourself a favor and get a OW, you won't regret it.

  • "i just kind of wanted to know if it's something that happens so often that it's a concern in the back of you're mind while riding all of the time ..."

    This was a concern of mine after my first nose dive. which was totally my fault.
    Took a while to rebuild confidence and now back to normal.
    When you ride twice a day and nothing happens, you regain confidence.
    In fact, when you work your way up slowly getting to know how OW works and getting comfortable on it, you understand that 99% of the times nose dive/crashes are rider's error.

    That's not to say there no risk involved.
    It's just that we make a conscious decision taking that risk.

  • thanks for the replies guys - exactly what i was hoping to hear... that helps with my decision. i think i might join the club!

    to be honest , if the BoostedBoard2 was available now it would be a tough decision ...but the wait would put me at getting one around christmas ...and living in Michigan , what's the point in that lol

    As much as i'd like to pretend i'm Casey Neistat and boost around the neighborhood, i think the OneWheel will be so much more practical (waterproof, able to take offroad, etc.. )

  • @detroitwheelin Been riding nearly on a daily basis for 8 months now, and no nosedives. I think 99% of the time it's caused by people leaning forward and putting too much weight on the front. It happens so fast when you do that, people just assume it's device failure.

    I say buy one and you're sure to love it, as long as you follow these 3 tips to avoid nosedives:

    1. Take it slow for the first few weeks at least
    2. Keep your heel and toe on the sensors while riding
    3. Always keep your center of gravity centered and your weight distributed equally across both sides of the wheel

  • there is more than one cause of conditions that could be referred to as a 'nosedive'.

    the most commonly referred to type of nosedive is what i prefer to call a 'crap-out'. this is when the board stops driving because of a short in the 'sensors'--the two rider presence switches under the blue strip. this is caused by rider error or hardware error (flaky switches).

    the board balances the weight of the rider across the axle. there are limits on this function according to speed and traction and the distribution of weight presented by the rider. this weight would change significantly within the course of ride, and this also affects traction.

    surpassing these limits can cause two distinct types of nosedive. one is too much weight in front as it relates to traction--the other is too much weight in front as it relates to the capacity of the motor (freewheeling).

  • @detroitwheelin

    I suggest the OW as you can travel on almost any surface not just hard surfaces. Then just keep your respect for the machine that it is and learn the usable limits and not push them. I found that when you push the limits that is the boundary line when the unexpected happens. If the OW feels unstable back off a bit. My only nose down was up hill too fast to carry my weight so I ran off the front and was able to stay on my feet. Got back on and rode off. Just do and do not look back.

  • @detroitwheelin I actually live nearby in Farmington Hills. I was also on the fence about buying a Onewheel. We have a few communal OW's at work in addition to several others belonging to friends and coworkers. We also have some Boosted Boards and other variants. The OW's get the most use by far. Clients always get a trip out of seeing people whiz around around the office. That being said, I honestly didn't even ride much. We had a company picnic a few weeks ago and I ended up riding for my first time outdoors and on grass. I had no idea how much fun this would be. I became absolutely hooked.

    I ended up buying my own three weeks ago and haven't looked back. I borrowed one from work for Labor Day weekend and had a blast riding with my girlfriend who had no prior experience to that point. She got the hang of things very quickly. We both wore protective gear (sounds dirty I know). I've taken a few falls that could have been bad without them, but improving considerably each session. There are a ton of awesome trails in the area, places I may have never bothered checking out before getting my Onewheel. Now I'm convinced I need to get one for my gf but trying to hold off until spring ;)

  • I vote for the OW too, and I also own an Evolve Carbon GT. Basically I experienced 2 nosedive, but both were at beginning because I put too much weight on the front the first time, and second time because I outrunned the motor. Since then (around 4 months now) I never had any issue except a front light failure, but it has been replaced under warranty. What I can tell about E-longboard, is that you will get failure too. Evolve had some "full brake" apply bug when it lost connection with remote on Gen 1 models, I also brock 3 rear trucks...
    The OW is far more solid and robust, If I had to choose and keep only one, it would be the onewheel. I don't know why but I always take it with me. I don't worry about lost connection issue because there is no remote, and I can ride any terrain, and it's also really more nimble when commuting in the city...And another point : When I loose balance and going to crash, I can finally run and stay stand up 99% of the time because the max speed of the onewheel is just around 25km/h (which is speed you can run). On E-longboard, I'm more often around 35km/h so at that speed, when I crash, I really crash...

  • @regulat0r I need to come work wherever you work...sounds awesome! :) ...question for someone that's tried both the OneWheel and a boosted board (or any electric longboard) , is the Carving that much better (more snowboard like) than the longboard?

  • @Tartopom Thanks yeah you have a good point about the speed ... i snowboard so i know that even though you cruise down the hill slower than skiers , it's just more fun , so probably similar

  • @detroitwheelin Been riding for two weeks. Only time I nosedived was because I outran the motor as well. (I think. There was a lot of alcohol involved too and I had only ridden it here and there a handful of times.)

    Mentioned this elsewhere but the mobility of the OneWheel is THE reason to get it. It's so ridiculously fun, but once you get yours you'll quickly notice all of the things the BB wouldn't be able to do, or places it couldn't go.

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  • @detroitwheelin I haven't read the comments so far, just adding my experience to it.
    As a original kickstarter backer, I've ridden my OW for a long time. I've been using it for my daily commute for almost a year, and apart from that I've ridden all kinds of terrain.
    I fell off the board once when riding very slow on very non-flat terrain, and had to catch myself with my hands. So that wasn't extremely smart, but it was only because I lost balance.
    Apart from that, I've never hurt myself on the OW, and I ride pretty aggressive.
    I have come off the board a few times, due to driving too fast, or going over too large obstacles. But nothing I couldn't outrun. Also when I ignored battery warning, the board died riding slightly downhill. My fault, but I didn't get hurt. AKA. I have nosedived a few times over these years, at low speed and at full speed. But I've always landed on my feet.

    Do I fear crashes? The last year, I've ridden with no safety equipment (I know it's really stupid), hands in my pocket, and full speed for many many miles and hours. No I don't worry about it. Ride with wrist guards and a helmet at least for a few months no matter what. Then you can decide how you want to ride, stupid or safe.

  • Thanks @germx , great to hear! another question for you , since you're an original backer , are you worried at all about the company itself? it seems strange that it's been over a year and no word about a possible OW2 , any concerns ?.... i know i'm insanely overthinking this , but $1500 is alot of money to spend on a "toy" :)


  • @detroitwheelin

    you are overthinking it. Onewheel is not a toy but a lifestyle--float life.

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