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  • I was getting odd behavior, not sure how much of it was related to the capacitor that as far as I can see just fell off the PCB. After a weekend of camping I heard what sounded like rocks stuck under the front footpad. Investigation lead to opening the controller to find a capacitor floating around.(board not under warranty).


    ![0_1473228587808_P_20160906_215606.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    I soldiered it back but nervous it might take a shit any moment.
    It looks like the inside of the grab handle at the front may have been in contact with the caps on the end of the PCB and the soldier blobs were perfect still with a tiny hole where.the leg was pulled out.


  • 0_1473230274184_P_20160906_215601_1.jpg

  • @wr420 great you found that and amazing repair job. Hope that does the trick.

  • It seems to be a common issue with all electronics, my onewheel had the same. My refrigerator and LED tv both had issues, once I opened them up it was a bad capacitor in each. Replacing them is a good skill to have.. 😀

  • @wr420 Pretty amazing! I'm not even sure what I'm looking at. I would need some arrows on the photos to even figure out where that thing you're holding was supposed to go, and where it is in the following photos.

  • @thegreck Supposed to go above the Two 'EE's in onewh'EE'l.
    Impressive job though!

  • Unfortunately the board still has issues after riding for 15-20 mins. A power cycle fixes it for another 15 minute, but it's too scary to ride when it starts acting up. On a positive tip, FM has offered to extend the warranty to cover the controller if I pay for shipping.

    Got to love these folks!!

  • @hustle Nope. Still don't get it, haha. I assume that blue doohickey he's holding in the first photo is back in place in the second photo? But nothing looks different to me aside from it being flipped 180 degrees. Doesn't matter, I won't be taking my OW apart to try and figure out something that seems like black magic to me anyway.

  • This topic now has me a bit concerned as I noticed a rattle sound on the rough grass ride last night but thought it was the fender. Time for a OW shake test to listen for rattling. Fingers crossed. Luckily no bad OW behavior yet.

  • @thegreck I'm glad I'm not the only rider who can't service my own board XD

  • @thegreck - The blue doohickey was not installed in the second photo. The photo was just for general reference. It belongs on the edge of the board right in front of where I'm holding it. You can kind of see the 2 pads(C43 printed on the board) where it belongs if you enlarge the pic.

    @LidPhones The noise you are hearing is most likely the ferrite ring that the LED wires are wound through . If you look at the top pic where I'm holding the cap, on the right side below the power switch you will see the red and orange wires are wound around something(ferrite ring). That is what moves around a bit and sounds bad. It's off to the side and out of the way so I don't think it will cause any harm. My other board makes that noise also.


  • @wr420 Oh shit, I just felt myself get a little smarter!

  • @wr420 Glad to hear that a rattle is normal. I was freaking out a bit. LOL

  • @LidPhones I thought I shook something free once going beyond the 100 mile mark.

  • @thegreck don't worry yourself, it was probably just gas😄

  • @Roy I was afraid of that.

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