Charging Speed Issues?

  • Recently I have noticed my Onewheel is taking longer to charge. Tonight I rode it completely dead where the blue light was blinking. Normally I don't run it completely down that far but It has been charging for 40 minutes as of now and the light is still red. Has anyone noticed charging issues like this? How long does it take to truly charge your Onewheel?

  • Have you left it on over night to re-calibrate the batteries so to speak?

  • I usually do leave the charger on for a couple of hours to balance the battery out. I still question if it is necessary to do that or not. I will have to ride it tomorrow and let it on the charger to see if that makes a difference, however this is not the first time I noticed it taking so long to charge. I just decided to time it and it took over 40 minutes.

  • From nearly flat (<10% remaining), my batteries have always taken close to 40 minutes. I wouldn't be worried.

  • @lynnpreston Ok, I am glad you are saying this and this is exactly why I posted the question. I feel that it does take a little longer to charge and I just really didn't pay attention to it till a few trips within the past week where I noticed it was taking over 20 minutes or longer. I don't believe its a problem either unless my distance is affected which I really won't know until the Android App comes out or unless I use someones I-phone.

  • Yes, the Android app is a necessity. I need that as well.

  • @veryous Re-calibrated last night and rode it today till it ran dead. Same situation it took over 40 minutes to charge. I am still not to worried about it though until I find out if my battery is lasting the same length it should,if that's the case then it just takes a little longer to charge.

  • @BradK Mine takes about 30 min from 10%. Always has. I think the "20min recharge" claim is a bit optimistic, but 30min is still pretty awesome!

  • Just charged mine from 1% and it took around 35 mins for the app to show 100 charged. The light on the charger was still red at this stage though (usually turns green as soon as it hits 100%). But this is the first time I've ran the board down (till the pushback was too much to ride). The light turned green after around 39 mins.

    I was concerned about the charge not lasting as long as it should. At 50% I'd only travelled 2.4 mi so I thought my max would be around 5 mi. But after today's testing (some grass/golf course and off road included) the board lasted 6.39 mi so I guess the second half of the battery lasts longer! Anybody else has significantly different battery life?

  • 35 minutes sounds about right give or take but it's fast enough. That last 1% is a champ.

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