Difference between the kickstarter boards vs current boards?

  • I'm buying a hardly used kickstarter board from the original owner. So I'm curious of the differences, if any between the kickstarter boards and the current boards being shipped.

    From what I remember reading on here, at a minimum there are firmware updates.... Can anyone with this knowledge please chime in, thanks!

  • @CABALLERO I remember seeing recently that the first OW releases had some wheel play that did not impact performance.

  • @CABALLERO Do a search for side to side play or wheel play and you should find more details.

  • Yes. I had two Kickstarter boards and now currently own two new ones. There is few differences. One, some of them have a wheel play popping sound when you move slowly from heel to tow turning.... Secondly, the grip on the footpads would slip in the summer and you would have to get new pads or screw them down. Also, I feel like the ones currently work a bit better with water vs the old ones tend to be a bit less water resistant. Lastly, when you are buying a new one you are also paying for a full warranty and the peace of mind that comes with that.

  • Thanks guys! If that's it, I'm pretty happy as they are all pretty easy issues to deal with.

    Can firmware be updated within the OW app?

  • @CABALLERO I just got an older kickstarter board (serial 335)and besides the side to side thing which is fixable, I don't think you can update the firmware to current as I clearly have and older firmware and it did not prompt me to upgrade and i see no option to force it. I also noticed that the hardware version number(which you can view in the P0wheel app) was much lower than my new board so I'm presuming the hardware has been updated since the original. I also had a capacitor just fall off the controllers PCB.
    Thankfully FM has offered to replace the controller at no cost even though it is out of warranty. YMMV on that one as mine may have been a unique case.

  • You guys with older boards might not want to upgrade firmware. There's been a lot of talk about the previous version being better at high speeds.

  • @wr420 thanks for the info. It's pretty awesome that FM is replacing the controller for you.
    Below is what a post I found about updating firmware within the app.

    @groovyruvy said in How do you upgrade firmware? I just got my board and I'm pretty sure its been on a shelf for 2 years:

    When there's an update available, within the app a notification lets you know when you connect to your onewheel (assuming you're connected to the internet). If no notification, there's no update.

  • @jordo that's true too, I read that recently as well.

    Edit: this is what I read

    "I wasn't going to say anything, but I can't hold my tongue any longer. So here it is.... My brother, father, and girlfriend all have newer boards than the two I own, and theirs have firmware 3056 and my boards have 3034. There is a HUGE difference in the amount of push back, and top speed between the two different types of firmware. 3056 starts pushing back at 12.5mph, and allows you to push past it. Once you've gone past the push back it rides level and lets you achieve a speed a little more than 15mph before it suddenly dumps you on your face. All three of their boards do this, but the 3034 firmware lets me ride all the way to 15mph and gives solid pushback and doesn't let me push past it. This is on extreme mode by the way. My brother hates riding with me cause I'm all casual and loving it around 14mph, and he's on the edge of eating shit and stressed out. I feel like FM needs to look more into this problem, and if nothing else revert back to the 3034 firmware.

  • @CABALLERO said in Difference between the kickstarter boards vs current boards?:

    this is what

    I have an old and a new board:
    #346 (Hardware 1100, Firmware 3034, 605 miles )
    #7289 (Hardware 2206, Firmware 3056, 144 miles)

    both work exeptionaly fine without any problems.

    I can confirm that

    • Hardware revision is lower, but never felt any difference about that
    • Firmware does not update to 3056
    • There is a sideplay (which can be fixed according to @wr420, but I haven´t yet tried this myself). It does not harm functionality, but the sound is a little bit annoying sometimes

    But I can NOT confirm the other mentioned differences:

    • on my old board the griptape does not slide at all. It still has the first footpads on it and they work perfect (without any screws or something)
    • Alltough the older board has an older firmware, I can go faster than 15mph on both boards in extreme without any problems (e.g. yesterday I was on 17.6mph on the old one without trying to push it too hard)
    • I have never tried to really test it, but I do not feel much of a difference in riding and with push back - both work quite fine

  • @cr4p thank you for all your info, that was exactly what I was looking to find out.

    I can hardly wait for it show up, it's going to be a long week of waiting.

  • @CABALLERO said in Difference between the kickstarter boards vs current boards?:

    nk you for all your info, that was exactly what I was looking to find out.
    I can hardly wait for it show up, it's going to be a long

    welcome to the club - you´re going to enjoy it!

  • So my board showed up today! So excited!!

    The firmware is even older than I expected, was 2072. I just updated to 3034.

  • Fyi- 2072 wasn't able to ride in the elevated mode. It wouldn't let me select it in either app, but as soon as I updated to 3034 all is good.

  • Can't wait to go for a rip with ya man. Let me know your schedule and let's get something planned.

    My weekend is looking to be Fri (car is going in shop then got a date for the Esks game), Saturday I'm taking my son overnight but not sure when I pick him up from his mother's. Sunday I'll have my son then gotta go to red deer for work week.

  • @juts for sure! But I'm busy all weekend tied up with a few different events fri-sun. It would have to be tonight or next week but it sounds like your gone to red deer.... And next weekend I'm gone to Toronto 😔

  • @CABALLERO yea I'm in red deer mon to thurs. If I had my board with me while I was at work I would have met up but sadly didnt bring it

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