20 minutes to full charge?

  • @thegreck they do show the individual cells voltage but I can't balance charge the board like you can with rc batteries which if you have ever dealt with them is critical to the overall health and performance of the batteries. I can also put my Lipo charger into storage mode where if I know that I am not going to use them for a while it charges them to a safe storage level where they will not be damaged. I could see this being useful for people who travel a lot and their board may be inactive for a while. Even though they say the lifepo batteries are not the same as Lipo I would still think the basic care and maintenance would need to be used for them.

  • That is really the whole reason why the cheaper "hover" boards caught fire. People knew nothing about proper care of Lipo batteries and overcharging them or abusing them is asking for it to happen.

  • @ahxe45 agreed.. I also have been taking care of lipo cells for many years as I fly combat slopesoarers and small RC lipo powered planes. Would love to get a connecting lead for my balance charger and see what the battery is really made of.. Discharge / charge cycles and a true health check..

  • Mine also charge in around 30min. BUt for the balance, I just let the chargeur connected with green light.
    The BMS inside the OW do the job pretty well, and I can control the result with the POWHEEL app :)
    each cell is properly balanced.

  • From 1% to 100%, it took me 38:23.95.

  • 1% to full charge, timed it at 40 minutes plus or minus a couple of seconds.

    For the first 10-20% it seemed on schedule to be done in 20 minutes, then it slowed down.

  • I had never timed before. I was suprised. 0% to full charge took me 37.01 mins on one of my boards and 39.57 for my second board. Yep! Need to start saying 40 mins to people who ask. Why does OneWheel advertise 20?

  • @MichaelW My question precisely.

  • Yep, mine can take 40 minutes too. Not a big deal for me but they should update the advertising. Interestingly, I can ride forever at 1% charge (almost another mile).

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