HowToPassTheTime. Waiting..........4 my OneWheel2Arrive?

  • I had hoped someone had written something like this already and perhaps they have, I'll have to read back through to look deeper, especially now that I finally stopped reading, stopped stalling and pulled the trigger. And so the wait Begins!. I've watched pretty much all the videos so far (and will re-watch them daily, that's a given) and want to give props to all the folks shootin' them, doubles to Simen, that kid's got a lot of energy doesn't he? I wish i still got around that good! :) All you folks helped me make the decision on what is, for me, a pretty large purchase. One of your posts reminded me that life is short and anyone could die at any time so why wait. I agree! I managed to get a new one with an somewhat earlier (expected) delivery date on eBay than if I'd bought it direct...And so the wait Begins In Earnest. The idea of getting to try this thing for the 1st time has me feeling quite excited, reminiscent of when i was a young kid, successfully discovering amazing (at the time) new feelings from speed and inertia such as swinging really high for the 1st time and the 1st time I skated (and later rode a bike) down a long fast hill and got to do it again and again and again! :) I went through all the questioning feelings I've read about on the forum here; wondering if I should wait until v2, a lower price or a cheap used one? Things like; is it worth the $$, will it live up to my expectations, can i really afford to buy this (and later - can i afford NOT to?) and what if it's so great that i want to quit my job and ride all day :)? And so the waiting Continues...Thankfully it comes with the UltraCharger (at 1st I thought it was $ extra and that it came with a 2 hr charger) because I already know that it's gonna be a charger-ride-charge-ride-charge-ride day all day the 1st weekend after I get this thing (if not the 1st night!). I'll pass some of the time reading and rereading all the stuff the SupportTeam posted and going back through all the members posts, gleaning more info and ideas from the OneWeel fam here in expectation of the OneWheels arrival (hopefully mid November!). I've already pretty much decided to do the double-GorillaFrameTapeJob and the VisciousReGripMod straight off (I already have the tape and..griptape so why not, right?) and those wraps look pretty cool as a possible style upgrade later on (i'm truly diggin' the carbon-fibreLook and matteBalck as well!). I'm already scouting out places to practice and to ride after I get better and my only real pre-arrival wish for it is that they find a way to lengthen the run time/distance on this iteration of (by means of a firmware upgrade or denser battery pack that fits the same dimensions) so that I can just ride it even more!. Ok so, if you've got any ideas to help me pass the time or 1st timer stories about your un-boxing/1st rides/impressions or anything thing else OneWheel related, please go ahead and share them with me (and the OneWheel fam of course :) ). And so the wait Goes On And On!..........Thanks everyone!!

  • @Chance2Ride I hear ya. I WANT MINE SO BAD

  • Be thankful of where your at...Us kickstarter folks waited quite a while beyond the deadlines for an unknown product but it turned out incredible...I remember paying in Jan 2014 and it arrived 11 months later on Christmas Eve...Closest I will feel to being a kid on Christmas ever again. Maybe someday folks will be able to order one and be riding it next day...Until then, some of the anticipation is part of the awesomeness.

  • @Chance2Ride congratulations!

    Like you I was obsessed before, while, and after waiting for my onewheel. I literally searched the web multiple times a day looking for new content. Back then it was much harder to find.

    My advice after you get the board: ride but mind the pressure sensor and you will love it. Don't worry about dismount at first and just jump off until you get the normal dismount down. Don't worry about scratches, just realize it's all about fun. There is nothing else like it that can be recharged and ready to go in such a short time....or even longer for that matter.

  • I ordered mine on january 2014 in the last hour of the kickstarter campain and it arrived on march 2015 ( I leave in France).
    I let you imagine the torture.....but now onewheel has changed my life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Here's an idea: fix the return key on your computer! I'm not sure how long that will take, but it will pass the time.

    /s I kid, I kid.

    Honestly, when I got my OW here's what I wish I would have wanted:

    • more ankle strength and stamina: when you got on the board you'll be surprised by how shaky your ankles feel
    • more balance/tumbling ability/falling ability: you will stumble and you will fall
    • pain endurance and bravery
    • all the gear I need: safety, recording, if you want a bag
    • places I want to wheel scoped out: some places or routes very local to you that you can access without commuting, plus a few special trips that give you a variety of terrains, for streets you'll want to have a sense of when the cars clear out, and balance that with available light and weather)
    • friends ready to try it and familiar: you have to do a lot of guidance, better to have people already know what to expect and you can teach each other

    Also, watching videos of folks onewheeling is good. I didn't do it because I wanted to be surprised, but I wished I had done more.

    Other things I could have passed the time with: buy a cheap skateboard. It's not too similar but a good way to practice falling, etc. Snowboarding or surfing.

    It's easy to step on the board and go, especially if you're young and indestructible. But I'm finding it hard to go from good to great. So take this time to prepare yourself and be ready to maximize your OW time. Having had it for a few months, I wish I used my OW more. You're not going to get better unless you're charged up and moving.

    It's worth the wait—enjoy!

    Other perspectives?

  • I went to the forum everyday, bought like six pairs of shoes, planned out trips, nmade playlists. E mail takes forever tp get, but when you get it..You are excited as HELL! Then the last days take forever!! lol but I love it..def worth the wait

  • Hahaha, the return key is fine I'm just a run-on-sentence, rambling fool :) I think I would've gone crazy waiting a year as a KS contributor and likely another reason I held out even on purchasing an e-board until I found a prospectively good one with a quicker ship date. I'm preparing physically by adding some additional tricks to my normal routine of skating (longboard)and bag and body-weight training. I've been hopping on my old Bongo Balance Board daily as well other core and balance work. I'm psyched to get on this thing! I live in San Diego so there tons of places to ride year-round and the area local to my house has several sweet spots as well. I was considering ordering the Fender but I noticed that everyone seems to be fine without them and $106 shipped seems kind of expensive for a thin piece of ABS (nice looking though it may be and concede I may have to). I'm also concerned about how well it'll hold up to the repeated, awkward bailing of a determined, beginning rider. I read/noticed a couple of other riders are going to try to make some as well. It'll be cool to see how/if they turn out and even cooler if they're great and they sell them reasonably. I figure skating shoes and gear will work fine for traction and safety and I'm already wishing again for a longer run time/distance so I won't have to wait even the admittedly meager 20min to get back on it.

  • How about reading the forums and watching the video on repeat :) Mine arrived a couple of days ago... Have not stopped riding it! 100% worth the wait, totally stoked.

    Rode normal mode for a couple of days and today switched to extreme. Had my first bail, easily ran it out. Man I am loving this thing!

    Highlights so far:

    • Overtaking a cyclist going up hill.
    • Accidentally ordering a pickup pizza on the other side of town and riding out there and back
    • Wooden boardwalks make the best sound ever!
    • Cruising the parklands tarmac, grass, gravel, cobblestones and speed bumps

    Worth the wait! Hang in there!

    In the meantime, read the forums and research! Shop around for a good pump and low pressure gauge (I have not decided on either yet) and also research the "slime" situation... I'm still not sure about that either and haven't bought it yet (how much to use, if you should use etc). I second the above though, you could also use some of this time to learn to use the return key :)

  • I just now saw that you mentioned me in your post, I just wanted to come back here to thank you, haha! :)

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