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  • @fabuz I'm looking at you. What camera setups are best for recording yourself on a ride? I'v looked at a go pro/gimbal setup like this... but IDK about going gopro. Is it true that you can use a video editing software to take out the fisheye from the gopro footage? Maybe this is the best option, or another gimbal?

    After 10 months of stoke, I'm feeling the itch to capture my favorite rides on video (preferably for under ~$500). Any advice welcome!

  • @slydogstroh that's the same gimbal I use, along with my GoPro, and I'm pretty sure @fabuz uses the same as I think it was his suggestion. Seems the best route to take for lightweight rigs with ultimate quality. It's not going to be under $500, but you pay for quality.

    GoPro's own software can take the fisheye out of your footage, and the camera also gives the option of shooting with a less extreme wide-angle look. I used Adobe Premiere's filter to remove the fisheye from this footage:

  • @thegreck Ok great, pretty sold on the gopro/gimbal setup since that is what Fabuz uses.. What GoPro version do you recommend, 4 silver or black? Or do you like the 3? There are so many options it's overwhelming... also, would there be any use for the remote to the gimbal? Thank you for the advice!

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  • @slydogstroh hey man!
    Here is all I need to record myself ;)
    Feyiu tech gimble is awesome! (I paid 300€ for it one year ago...)
    You absoltuly need two carbon extension bar(40cm each).
    For the go pro, the hero 4 is on top!
    Easy Change setting with the lcd touchscreen.
    *4K timelapse mode
    *1080 superview mode
    *1080 classic mode (30/60 frames/sec)
    *720 superview 100 frames/sec
    *720 classic mode (100/120 frame/ sec for slowmotion)
    *for the 1080 classic mode, there's 3 size mode, just tap the screen and change between narrow, medium or wide, very usefull! The gopro is not only a fish eye cam ;)
    *the tripod is very usefull for static shots ;)
    *Can't say about the feyiu tech remote...
    I've so much things to say about that but you know that it's hard for me to express myself in english :(
    Hope it will already help you man!
    Can't wait to see some of your vidz ;)

  • @fabuz Is right about needing an extension, but I bought this selfie-stick version, which folds down to a very compact size, and fits in the small pouch that I keep my various mini-tripods and clamp stands in:

  • Hey slydog- I picked up a DJI OSMO about 8 months ago and LOVE it. I came from using an old 2 axis Tarot Gimbal kit and GoPro. I have zero experience with the Feiyu stuff,,,came REAL close to picking up one of their products but when DJI dropped the OSMO, I was sold. They have a DJI Osmo Mobile device now that just released that uses your phone and the OSMO grip,,,and it can live track you if you want,,,,that feature alone has me grinding gears thinking about picking one up to add to my "arsenal" LOL.

    Anyways, I have not used my OSMO on my onewheel YET,,,soon though....but I have used it on several occasions on my Boosted Board, and also walking around. Footage came out spectacular. Here's a raw clip I posted of myself riding my Boosted Board in Houston,,,filmed 100% on my DJI Osmo,,,I have several other clips on my channel as well (usually titled with OSMO in the clip) let me know what you think!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Huge announcement from gopro today... The new Karma Drone is compatible with all gopro products since the HERO4 and comes with a handheld gimbal like the feyiu tech, a backpack that you can strap the handheld gimbal to, the foldable drone, and a sweet gameboy-like controller. Going for $800.

    Of course, I'd need to purchase an actual gopro to use this with.. but still. I'm looking at a ~$1100 purchase, which is cheaper than the DJI Phantom 4 (and probably 5).

    This product really seems like the perfect companion package to capture Onewheel vids... I'm blown away. Will it come with all the cool features that the phantom 4 has like 'come to home' and 'follow me'? We'll see. But this thing is looking awesome!

  • @slydogstroh Dude before you do anything wait just a week as DJI are launching their version of the same kind of kit, read about it here

    I have a few connections in the drone industry and the DJI kit apparently is a bit of a drone game changer......I've heard it all before but I have to say having owned 3 DJI drones in my time they don't make a bad drone.

    The proof of course will be in the pudding come 27th September

  • @Jimmers75 The hype is real.

  • @slydogstroh WoW karma package sounds Incredible!!!! I save my money right now ;) !!!

  • I am waiting on my backed PlexiDrone from DreamQii. The X8 with follow me should allow for some great OW ride captures. Their new site is about ready to launch with drones shipping soon after.
    PlexiDrone FB Link

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