Help - Wont turn on!!! light on then blink then off:(

  • Actually just went out again and had another go at turning her on its 12 flashes (watched it twice to be sure) - light on then quickly off again wait a while then 12 flashes :( the manual says "Bad motor" I am guessing this aint an easy fix ...

  • Is there a manual online? I know I didn't get a physical one with my board...

  • Owner's Manual and other stuff here:

  • @eis when did you bought your board please ? How ofen have you used your board ?
    This few questions to learn about the reliability of it.

  • @mha got it on the 9th September 2015 used it in and out of work for 6 days (Thursday to Monday) (mile mile and a half) and a few rides at lunch time and what not, had some fun Monday evening and on Tuesday - she is basically brand new

    I would say I picked it up quickly (extreme/elevated on day one) ... but even riding it as hard as possible from the word go a week of health is not right :(

  • so it was sort of working until yesterday, got into uni (5 min journey tops) then I did have a ride or two, but not for long maybe 10 min tops, then when I went to go back to my car it decided to have a blink party :( it was blinking twice and wouldn't start

    Got half way back to car and decide to try again and somehow it worked, charged it up - was on about an hour - when I got home, went to use it this morning and I am back to the start the light on and then half blinking and going off :(

  • so she is back stateside - just landed in Kentucky! will hopefully be fixed soon :)

  • @eish what was the conclution from support? I think I have the same problem

  • board was sent off and returned - there was something up with the connectors if i remember correctly

  • Thanks
    Do you remember which connectors?

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