Apple Watch or Android App?

  • Nexus line and moto X.. :) All pure, no crap....

  • edit; I might buy an apple watch just for this feature!

  • Oh, apparently the apple watch app already exists and does exactly that.


  • Besides my Windows computers, I'm all iOS with iPhone and iPad. However I'm no fanboy and if anything think the apple innovation has slowed while android is catching up. I can't imagine switching at this point but I can see why so many people wouldn't want to have an iOS device for ow. I think the android app should be the highest priority behind working directly on the board hardware and software.

  • I am due for a phone upgrade and there is the very small possibility that I'd go back to iPhone to not have to carry my iPod Touch. Apple Watch might make it more appealing.

    I was on a lot of hills this weekend and it was a pain to have to pull out my iTouch to switch from Extreme to Elevated.

  • I'm going to add another option to the OP: Device free mode switching. I feel like the question we're trying to answer here is how FM can to give all riders a minimum viable product: we need to switch modes and see battery levels. The board could handle all that (like it does low battery), if not as clearly as an app. Very much might not be possible if there are hardware limitation.

  • @willcapellaro - device free mode switching is already enabled. See this thread (instructions about half-way down):
    But FM says that such switching is not supported.

  • I have actually used Nexus and moto X, they are both rubbish. I'm really sorry, but it's the truth!

    I was at an Android developer conference a couple of weeks ago and realised there is nothing like Apple's Continuity/Handover on Android... Which makes sense as to why there wouldn't be, but I only realised because the dev giving the talk was showing us how to essentially DIY with a whole bunch of third party apps and services!

    To all the Android people who can't program their own apps, check out Continuity (and all the other stuff on iOS) if you've never used an iPhone, you honestly have no idea what you are missing out on.

    It's akin to Mercedes having airbags and cruise control 10 years before your Hondas and Fords, except we're not talking tens of thousands of dollars separating you from those conveniences, we're talking a couple of hundred. I mean, I know a lot of people buy them and love them, but to me it's completely crazy how gullible people are to buy Anrdoid.

    Ok, I am done here. Sorry for the rant! I just really hate developing for that platform...

  • @lardnicus said:

    Oh, apparently the apple watch app already exists and does exactly that.


    Unfortunately, the watch app doesn't really work at all. I just get a spinning pinwheel when I go to load it. I'm hoping that they release an update now that watchOS2 is out, because it really would be nice to have my battery meter on my wrist. I also hope that FM can finish their Android app soon as well, I know a lot of your guys are waiting for it to happen. I'll just add that Android apps seem like they can definitely be more complicated to program for than IOS apps. Beme is a good example of this. They devoted their attention to getting IOS out due to the early adapter status of IOS users, and then they turned their attention to developing their Android app. I suspect most startups choose this development map.

  • @sidebox Thanks man, I was going to buy an Apple watch because I thought that's how it works. If it's not solid yet I'll hold off. Those things are not cheap.

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