OW Backpack ideas

  • Hey guys, so I seen some of the options on a previous thread and all seem good , but i figured i'd take a stab at sketching out my own designs and possibly either build something just for myself or if enough interest maybe make them for others ... anyways here's a super crazy rough sketch (like 2yr old rough) of my 1st idea.!


    I'm thinking of the OW would sit flush and only the top half of the wheel would stick out the back, 4 straps would hold it in place, two above and two below. this way it's flat against you're back but people can see the OW from the back . there could be room for storage on top and bottom (above and below the wheel areas.

    just a first idea concept , just throwing it out there to see what you guys think ... can draw up some better stuff if it seems like something doable.

  • @detroitwheelin I really like that idea. It keeps open space to a minimum inside the backpack. Do you know of a place to build a proto?

  • @LidPhones Thanks - i know some guys that do some fabrication work , might be able to throw something together. i'll keep playing around with cleaning up the design and throwing some ideas out here first .. i'm also considering this same design , but instead of the pack encompassing the entire OW, it would be a shorter backpack and the top and bottom of the OW would stick out , same 4 straps would go across to hold in place., and space would be even more limited for storage in this case, but it would be smaller pack and easier to ride around w/ it on you're back when you're on the board.

  • @detroitwheelin Sweet. I have been thinking of something similar. I will jot down some rough lines and share. If you want to bounce some ideas around, PM me and I will help if possible.

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