1st OW ride complete!

  • just got back from my first "ride" on my new OW (only went down the block and back and then had to get back to work ...plan on going on a longer ride this afternoon...can't wait!

    First impressions: amazing! but , actually a little more difficult than expected.

    Well, maybe not difficult but i was shakier on it than i expected that i would be. I skateboard, snowboard, have surfed a few times, and whip around my house on my hoverboard all the time , but this was a completely different beast!

    I started out in Classic mode and then jumped to extreme right away. I felt like classic was really restricting my turns and it felt much more awkward.

    anyways just wanted to post really quick , i'll update later once i get some time to get a better feel for it!

  • @detroitwheelin nice! Put down the Classic- stay away from it- bad! I remember my first rides feeling shaky as well. With a little more riding that feeling will fade away and it'll start feeling more stable and intuitive.

  • @detroitwheelin ....

    Let the OW addiction start! I totally agree with you on Classic mode. I recall that is how I felt. I rode it once in classic for maybe 60 seconds and did not like the pushback and nose up stance. Went to extreme and that was that.

  • @detroitwheelin the shakiness will go away within a week of steady riding. Also you will find that parts of your feet and legs get very sore on your first rides as you become accustomed to riding the OW. All of this will go away as you get more comfortable with the board and ride more. Welcome to the Club!!!

  • @detroitwheelin Everyone provided the important feedback already.

    • Stay in extreme
    • Take a stretch break after 20-40 minutes or so, even if it's just for a minute
    • Take it slow! Falling on these hurts. I got cocky fast on my first real day of riding - sped up really fast - tucked into it like I was bombing a hill on my longboard. My momentum was solid and then the engine maxed out (I assume) and the speed the OW could go didn't keep up with the speed my body was going and I went flying.
    • Keep your feet on the sensors at all times. At least 75% of both of them, however you have to do that
    • Gotta say it - wear a helmet at least. Especially when starting out. I wear a helmet and my slide gloves.
    • Respect the laws/pedestrians so you don't become hated :p
    • Enjoy!!! Next time I go to Detroit with my gf I'll hit you up and ditch her for a while :)

  • @detroitwheelin I ride on grass a lot and it's such a stable ride, then when I ride up the sidewalk on the way home the first few seconds feel wobbly! this always fades after a minute in so. Just try and relax your legs (like snowboarding) and let it move about under you, but always keep the front foot planted on those sensors!

  • Thanks for all the advice guys!

  • UPDATE: just back from my first full ride and ..... soooooo awesome!!!!

    so i finally got the kids to bed (1yr old and a 3yr old) and heading right out to take my first full ride.

    It was already dark out by the time i got out there and the first thing i noticed was that the lights are actually usable, they lit up in front of me perfectly and i love the look of the brake light as well. so i took it around the block , down the sidewalk, in the street , across some neighbors lawns (just a little) and up and down driveways. It was unbelievable! i started to get comfortable and relax my body and carve a bit and it was so much fun!

    I did keep thinking about my front foot and it scared me as i carved that i might lift up my front foot too much and nosedive (but it never happened).

    can't wait to take it back out tomorrow, there's a great smooth dirt path at the park near my house , i might give that a go

  • The funny thing is that i watched a million OW ride videos prior to purchasing , and now that i've ridden it, i'm going back through and watching them all again with a new appreciation

  • @detroitwheelin like a kid in a candy store

  • ride elevated--they don't want you to know.

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