List of dealers in Europe with useful information

  • Hello!

    I live in Madrid, Spain. Last week I was looking for a store un Europe to buy a OneWheel, so I went right to the Dealer Locator (, but there's not much info there about the dealers.
    I ended up making a list of all the european dealers with the info of each one, and I emailed ALL of them to see if they currently had stock (seems like there is almost no stock in Europe until early October), the price of the OneWheel and the shipping price.
    Most of them replied, but some did not.

    Then I thought that this information could be useful for a lot of people wanting to buy a unit in Europe.

    So all in all, this is the list:

    I hope it's useful to someone! If I get any reply from the remaining dealers I'll fill the info there.

    I ended up buying it in the Austrian store (Hang Loose) yesterday because is one of the only ones that have stock. They said the'll ship it the same day, but they did not. They then said that they'll send it today, but I'm asking for the tracking number since early this morning and they don't respond (I'm getting a little angry).

    I'll let you know how it goes, but I can't wait to have mine!

  • @matto good job man! THANKS!

  • Good job man!
    I once wrote the Belgian surf club if they have spare parts, but never got an answer...
    Warehouse One in Dusseldorf is a nice shop, bought almost all my snowboard equipment there.

  • Thanks! I'm glad if it's useful to anyone trying to get more info of a specific store.

  • @matto The big citypark in Madrid is a nice place to ride, I'm sure! If you are confidend enough to avoid all those inline skaters :)

  • Well, it's called "Parque del retiro" and it's a GREAT place indeed. I can't wait to get mine and go there :)

  • Okay, I just heard back from the guys at Hang Loose Austria. They sent me the tracking number and it seems like the board arrives next Wednesday. It's a long-ish wait, but I'll have to be patient.

  • Hi,

    in austria is another shop selling the onewheel´s. (not an official distributor, but he sells them!)


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