How much wear does your OneWheel show?

  • I'm considering buying a used board. The seller claims it was only been ridden 3 times, but it looks pretty scratched up. Does the OneWheel scratch easily? Before buying, I plan on connecting to it with the App to check mileage. Anything else I should check out?

  • @cytoe bought mine with 170 miles and plenty of scratches. No issues whatsoever and helped me not baby it and use it like its meant to be used!😈

  • Bought mine well used and been riding it daily sometime twice a day for the last 3 + months.

    Love the rugged look.

  • Mine scratched the first day, because my friends & I kept jumping off and dumping the board on it's side on the street or gravel. Perhaps I should have read the dismount instructions first :)

    Checking the plastic guards on the end would probably be a better way to gauge wear. It takes longer to make those look used. They are replaceable though, so you'd want to check the spares as well.

  • Wear and tear is worse when first starting out, if the guy was making the OW tumble around on failed dismounts, it can scratch up the rails pretty good, the internals should still be fine, and you'll probably put 10x more scratches on it in the first few weeks anyway

  • It's sad to say but by conception the OW scratch pretty easily eveverywhere! That's why we are covering it with 3M covering film ;)

  • I'm a paddle boarder and I covered my rails with rail tape, this is really scratch resistant and has protected the finish perfectly

  • the bottom edges of both rails are pretty scratched up near the skidplates, in fact a couple are pretty deep. Surprisingly the tops and sides of the rails look pretty good. Underside of the board has scratches on the gray plastic under the rear footplate, and both wood footboards show some wear. I don't even notice or care about the wear marks, they're all just battle scars and that's what happens to a OW when it gets ridden hard.

  • I tape my boards on the rails with gorilla tape. Zero scratches on my two boards after 500 miles. It was a habit I started from the beginning. I know some people don't care about battle scars but after I learned I could avoid it and the board still looked great I just continued to do it. Also, better resale value.

  • I wrap mine as well.

  • i don't think you'll remove enough material in the rail to significantly affect the structure unless you're grinding banisters.

    if you are worried about cosmetics, i recommend you focus on the road ahead.

    if you want to preserve the class of your vehicle in the eyes of others, i suggest you are not moving fast enough.

    in any case: you'll be blind in a few years anyway from the radiation off the power switch as you feel asleep it night with it charging.

  • OK, this confirms the rails scratch easily:). I don't really care about the scratches, I was just trying to get a sense of how much actual use this used board has. Picking it up tomorrow:)

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  • @hustle said in How much wear does your OneWheel show?:

    I wrap mine as well.

    You guys probably wash it too...Lol..

  • @parrothd yes I wash it too, I don't like dirty footpad :-P

  • Mine is all scratched to hell, the wood is worn down, it's spun out in pavement a million times. I let my kid and nephews ride it. Once you
    Get used to riding it, you don't scratch it up much. But depending on your initial skill level, and where you learn, it can get scratched up easily. But... Chicks dig scars.... Won't hurt it, it's a board sport, enjoy the flight :)

  • What's the best tape to use?
    I've never seen or heard of rail tape, and I'd prefer not to use duct/gorilla tape.

  • @CABALLERO said in How much wear does your OneWheel show?:

    What's the best tape to use?
    I've never seen or heard of rail tape, and I'd prefer not to use duct/gorilla tape.

    3M Vinyl Wrap. Watch this to see how to do it properly:

  • Rode my new-to-me board 4 miles today. Whoohoo! Took it easy on the street and road several blocks to a park. Practiced carving on the grass and only ate it twice:). Tried extreme and elevated mode...think I like elevated more. The battery didn't seem to last long. After 3 miles, I was down to 20%. Firmware is at 3034 with no option to upgrade. Oh, and I definitely added a few more scratches:)

  • @cytoe Try charging it overnight to balance the cells. You should be getting closer to 6 miles on a charge.

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