Sensor in front or back?

  • Sensor in back, same foot I take off my snowboard when scooting. Front foot stays on board.

  • @lardnicus said:

    Interesting, never thought about this. I read early on that you should ride sensor forward and that's the way I've been riding so when I ride fakie I am essentially riding sensor back... I've never dismounted to start riding fakie, I simply change direction...

    Sensor back makes some sense, means you can shift your front foot more, but I will have to try dismounting. You have to look good while riding, and mounting/dismounting has the most potential to look completely ridiculous.

    I'm the same, I keep the same sensor/feet position if I'm riding regular or goofy and just switch as needed without getting off, I started with the sensor forward so I've kept that way so I don't confuse my dismount foot.

  • Front, because I usually have full weight on that foot on. With sensor on the back I'd be afraid of letting the back foot loose and disengaging the sensor.

  • Just like @kolinko I ride with the sensor in the front, under my left foot. Unless I switch, ofc.
    Both works fine, but I like to "steer" with my back foot for some maneuvers, as well as compensate for the tilt @ pushback sometimes by lifting my heel.
    Front foot is always well planted on the board.
    I always come to a full stop before dismounting, so it's never really a problem if I switch, which I do sometimes when it's easier than turning the board 180 degrees before mounting (narrow corridors and the like). I rather go with the sensor back, than ride goofy. But I rather ride goofy than get off ;).

  • front. Only @j-glide I know rides with it in the back. Riding more and more switch, but I still look like my friends do when they ride the board regular.

  • @veryous Always back! haha...... I shift my front foot around a lot.

  • I feel like the back may work better for me.. I'm at 7 weeks now and waiting :/

  • @njcustom I ordered mine early September. Won't get it until late October. I'm pretty annoyed/impatient.

    But I had a chance to ride one the other day. It's so great. And I personally don't think it matters whether it's in the front of back. It's fun either way.

  • I feel like the back may be better for when going over things like curbs.. I think by taking some weight off your front foot might get you through rougher terrain.. I suppose you can't do that with the sensor in the front.. But I don't know yet

    The testing will begin soon, hopefully in 2 weeks

  • I start off with my sensor foot in front, but I also ride switch a lot. I think the only important thing is that you always use the same foot for the sensor side so you don't hurt yourself dismounting, besides that it's just personal preference.

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