OW w/ 6miles totalLY "not" for sale (edit)

  • UPDATE: i think i'm gonna keep it and give it a fair chance before making a rash decision...thanks @hustle & @groovyruvy for the advice

    Hey guys, well I gave it a try but not sure the onewheel is for me , think i might go the boosted board route. Mine has 6 miles on it (just took it around the block twice). I think $1200 plus shipping is reasonable .. if anyone is interested PM me


  • @detroitwheelin WHAT?! Seriously? Giving up so soon?!

  • I keep going back and forth about it tbh . I think most of my riding would be around my neighborhood (and maybe camping from time to time) , think i might rather go faster on a boosted w/ less concern of falling ... if i had the $$ for both i'd keep this AND get a boosted :) , but might be a tough one to convince the wife on lol

  • @detroitwheelin 6 miles isn't enough time to get the hang of it. I'm at the point now (maybe 150 miles) where I'm crouched down like you would if you were bombing a hill on your longboard. I'm outstretched, my slide gloves making contact as I take tight turns. It literally feels like snowboarding. This thing is the most fun I've ever had, and the fact that bumps, rocks, railroad tracks, gravel, rocks, sewer grates, etc can't stop me is the icing on the cake.

    Give it more time bro!!

  • @hustle your making the decision even harder man lol .. Definitely some good points , maybe I'll give it some time

  • @detroitwheelin why you throwing in the towel so soon? I read some of your recent posts and it sounded like you loved it.

  • @groovyruvy second ride I loved it! 3rd I was a little shaky again and it just feels like I might have a constant worry about going fast on this thing ...and I like going fast ;)

  • @detroitwheelin That goes away. I was the same. It really didn't help that my second day I tanked it REALLY hard but I hopped right back on, bandaged and all and rode it the next day. I promise you the shakeyness goes away as you start to bond with her. Maybe you need to name her so you two can connect faster ;)

  • @detroitwheelin Bro Bro Bro. I think you should give it some time. 3 rides into onewheeling is nothing. Nothing. Heck, I've logged around 500 miles and I'm still able to learn something new every time I ride. The shakiness is really noticeable early on, but it basically disappears over time as your feet, ankles and legs learn to instinctively absorb all of that to the point where you won't even notice it. That's not to say you won't notice shakiness if you hit a wanky or uneven piece of road, but the 'always feeling shaky' thing goes away. Like @hustle said, over time you'll bond with your board and it'll become an extension of you. The 'wife' issue may not go away, and I can relate as I have one of them too :) but I'm guessing that if you really want to keep OW and a boosted board, somehow you're gonna find a way to make it happen :)

  • man i hate you guys! lol , but i think you're right . i probably should at least give it some time and a fair test. I like the name idea, she does need a name ...that way when she dumps me face first , i can yell at her by name :) j/k

    Thanks for the advice guys, i think i'll hang onto it for a while

  • @detroitwheelin one other thing. Shakiness can be impacted by tire pressure. I found that while higher pressure (18.5-20 psi) gave me a longer ride time per charge, it transferred every little road condition to me and I didn't care for that. I now ride at 16.5-17 psi and I get 6+ miles per ride and more importantly, I don't feel every little bump in the road. So maybe play with your tire pressure and see how that does for you.

  • @hustle you sound like a madman- definitely want to ride with you one of these days!

  • @detroitwheelin I agree with everyone, and glad to hear your going to give it some time. Speed will come, but you've got to get to a level of comfort at slow speeds and standing still first. Most important...don't be afraid! The nosedive thing is over-hyped on this forum. If you keep your weight centered over the wheel, knees bent, and sensor foot pretty well planted...you'll be just fine (and stay away from Classic mode).

    Keep getting back on, you'll be glad you did!

  • @groovyruvy If I make it out to Cali I'll hit you up :)

  • Do a YouTube search for "Boosted Board Fail" and tell me those things are safe. Skateboards (electric or not) are notorious for coming to a sudden stop when they hit small pebbles and sending the rider through the air. Doing this while moving 20mph on asphalt sounds really fun. No thanks, I'll stick with my Onewheel that eats pebbles for breakfast.

    Hell, I was riding with @MichaelW once on the Venice boardwalk and he ran over a golf ball that rolled out in front of him and didn't even notice! Try doing that on a Boosted Board sometime.

  • Nosedives are caused by people not keeping their center of gravity over the wheel and allowing their weight to shift to the front end of the wheel, which kills the board's ability to level itself.

    "Self-balancing" only refers to the board keeping ITSELF level; you still have to balance YOURSELF. A skateboard is also self-balancing, but it does it by having 4 wheels, but that doesn't mean you can immediately drop into a 10-ft vert ramp the first time you get on one.

  • @hustle said in OW w/ 6miles totalLY "not" for sale (edit):

    I'm at the point now (maybe 150 miles) where I'm crouched down like you would if you were bombing a hill on your longboard. I'm outstretched, my slide gloves making contact as I take tight turns.

    @hustle Please have someone take a video of this for my inspiration. I'm at 130 miles and my Loaded gloves have just shipped (but I have zero longboarding experience, only snowboarding).

  • @RLY I am heading to FL next Fri with my dad and he is bringing his drone down as well so we should be able to get some good footage :)

  • @hustle Awesome.

  • So i went back out today (cut out of work a little early and headed to a couple parks near my house) . The first one had some rolling hills down this bike trail and i felt shaky still and a little off, then i took it offload down this trail , which was awesome...but i hit a tree root and nose dived. I was able to run it out and i guess this was exactly what i needed, because after that first fall i started getting my nerve up a bit and from there on i had an amazing run!! went over to another park with a great mix of dirt trails, cement trails, and bridges , and it was just a great time!

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