Beach Riding - Yes or No

  • Definitely yes. I ride various beaches near by all the time here's some recent footage

  • @BriFi


    would you rather walk across the sand like someone not from the future?

  • I ride on the beach every week.. best to ride at low tide in the hard packed sand.. I always hose down and scrub with a soft brush.. then hose again.. I quickly dry and stand the board on its end.. I've removed foot pads to clean underneath them a few times and all seems good..

  • I've done it also and it did not go well. I was in fresh water up to the axle and the board died 20 minutes later. Had to be sent back to replace the battery. YMMV
    If you are in salt water I would rinse the board with fresh water after.
    The biggest issue i saw when disassembling it after was the plugs going into the controller do not have blanks in the terminals where there are no wires allowing water to pass through a hole into the connector.

  • i thought Onewheel is an amphibious vehicle. i was planning on riding it straight into the ocean and the riding it back like a surf board.

  • And remember, water doesn't hurt electronics as long as there's no current running through it when it gets wet. So just be sure you turn off the unit before rinsing it with fresh water after riding through salt water, and hang it from a clothes line to dry for a day before turning it on again. Use extra strong clothes pins.

  • i'm gonna seal off my board and fill the tire with ammonia and ride it on the bottom of the ocean.

    i never thought i would wear a helmet in a Onewheel.

  • I used to ride on the beach but no more, had bad nose dive fall on the way back, board locked up at speed and stayed that way. Sent in for repair and reason given was water got into control module.

  • Oh ya, YES on the beach riding..right up there with golf courses and full moons. Dip it in WD-40 and go for it!

  • @wr420 Got to love WD-40. ;-)

  • @BriFi here is my beach ride ;)
    Just awesome sensations ;)

  • Go for it,
    Start upwind then come back down wind for max speed and less juice pumped :

    PS: Don't sink it though ! rince it nice and let it dry.

  • Its one main reasons I bought one..

  • @BriFi I ride on the beach fairly often. One of my favorite rides is in cape may point, New Jersey if anyone ever gets the chance to go. It starts on off-road running/biking nature trails that zigzag parallel to the beach for about 2-3 miles depending on which trails you take and you could take ones that are 10+ miles long. Then you can take a trail that leads directly to the beach and starts you off on flat ground with lots of pebbles and slowly you begin to climb a large hard packed sand hill. Once you reach the top is when the real fun starts and you get to ride down the other side and get on to the actual beach. Like everyone else has recommended go at low tide and don't fully submerge your board in the water. I avoid the water and super wet sand as much as possible just because you get no benefit anyway going through the water so why take the chance.

  • The sand has to be right; my mistake was riding at low tide on a mucky beach. The wheel was soon caked with a thick layer and it put a lot of strain on the battery. It turned out to be less fun than I had imagined. Riding barefoot was definitely the only way to go, as flipflops were worse than useless and wouldn't stay on the board!

  • @Rno Sorry, your video was too long, I couldn't sit through the whole thing ;)

  • I love beach riding but I go for low tide only and stay out of the water now. I have had two boards die on me after beach rides where my board got wet. Better to say away from the salt water. Rain is 100% ok.

  • @MichaelW said in Beach Riding - Yes or No:

    I love beach riding but I go for low tide only and stay out of the water now. I have had two boards die on me after beach rides where my board got wet. Better to say away from the salt water. Rain is 100% ok.

    That's good to know, because winter is coming and it'll be the first time I'll be commuting to and from work on my Onewheel during the "rainy season" (which in LA usually means every now and then it might drizzle for a few minutes).

  • @thegreck wondering if there's an opportunity for a new product- waterproofing retrofit kit

  • @groovyruvy I would think it would be tough to sell as a product because you would be selling silicone and some plugs maybe. You would also be telling people to open up their boards and risk some backlash if they mess it up from not knowing what they are doing.

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