Short run time

  • I love our new Onewheel, unfortunatly we usually run out of charge after about 30 minutes of just riding slowly around the yard, is this typical for riding grass or do we have a lemon? I appreciate the quick recharge but I also see where it is reported that it has about a five mile distance and we are definitely getting only less then a a half mile each time we use it. It has been a huge hit at parties and when we have the local kids over but I am disappointed with the length of time we can ride the unit. We have only had it about a week and would consider a second unit if it lasted longer, what is going wrong? My son will be starting snowboarding this season and I believe this will help him tremendously, I just wish we did not have to end each sessions so prematurely. Is this a normal finding?

  • @scott try charging it overnight or for 48 hours to balance the battery's cells, oftentimes that does the trick. But yeah, it should be running longer than 30 minutes and last for much longer than a half-mile. It should be getting 5-7 miles / charge.

  • @scott I have answers for you.. when I received my board it only lasted a few minutes before shutting off.. now I get the same time and mileage as reported on here and by FM.
    There are a few factors to consider before writing the board off as a lemon.

    1. Riding on grass puts a bigger load on the motor so mileage is reduced. On asphalt by board will run for well over an hour and travel between 6-7 miles.. the motor has less work to do on hard surfaces..

    2.on grass or grassy hills in will only travel for between 2-3 miles.
    This is the same mileage for beach riding. Soft surfaces tax the motor more so will drain the battery faster

    Things to check on your board..

    When you charge the board, does it charge smoothly from 1% right up to 100%? What I mean by this is does the charge jump from say a lower number straight up to 100%..?

    Do you get to ride the board right down to 1% before low battery pushback?

    If you are seeing or experiencing any of the 2 above things then your battery cells need balancing.

    This is done by leaving your board on charge for a long time..

    48'hour charge is recommended, this sorted my board out..
    you could try a 24 hour charge to see if this improves the battery..

    Then again you might not have a problem, just grass riding reduces your overall mileage..

    Hope you get it sorted

    @groovyruvy .. sorry was a lot slower than you with the answers! Lol

  • if i ride from a cold full charge all the way to limp mode (which i don't like to do) on a level grass surface, i can get between 2 and 3 miles (per the rev counter. )

  • Thanks I'll try the long 48 hour charge and report back

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