L.A. meet-up Sat. 10/15

  • This October @thehoff, who lives in Northern Ireland, is coming to L.A. and as his host I'm gonna make sure he gets max Onewheeling time. On Sat 10/15 we're putting together a Onewheel meet-up in Venice/Santa Monica/Mar Vista/West LA/Brentwood, and anyone that can make it is invited to join us (for as much or as little as you like). If you're interested message me with your contact info. Here's a look at a preliminary plan for the day, subject to change based on input from the crew:

    9a: Virgin Venice Beach Boardwalk- bomb the beach area and a couple cool hilly grass spots before it gets super crowded. Stop for breakfast at one of the local spots to refresh and recharge.
    11a: Fly high at Santa Monica Airport and Park- up-and-down elevation changes, hard-packed dirt paths, plenty of asphalt and grassy sections await. Lunch and recharge at my pad which is close by.
    Afternoon: tons of riding options, including Mar Vista Madness, Clover Park Crush, Revere Rendezvous and Mandeville Canyon Marauding. Happy hour at a pub TBD, you'll be my guest as we toss back a few pints.
    Evening: if we still have legs, we'll do a night ride, location TBD

    Hope you can join us!

  • @groovyruvy sounds like the perfect day. Thanks for setting this up

    I am really looking forward to visiting LA and riding the onewheel hard..

  • This sounds good! I'll be there!!

  • Oooo. This is tempting!

  • I'm more than a little jealous, you guys! Can't you make it a bit further north.... like Vancouver??

  • Really looking forward to carving with you guys in LA.. let's get a few onewheels out together and have a blast.

    See you guys next week!

  • I am a newbie and not sure how to message you but please contact me regarding the ride Saturday. Larsenandson@aol.com
    If you guys are interested I can get some incredible footage of us riding with my P4 drone. I just can't fly it in a no fly zone, so depending where we ride Saturday, I can make us some videos that will blow you guys away. Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you!

  • @Van I just emailed and messaged you my contact info. Yes Bro, ride with us this Sat 10/15, it'll be awesome. Definitely bring your P4 drone, we'll get some sweet footage! Talk soon, Mrk (@groovyruvy)

  • @Van sounds amazing!! See you Saturday

  • I got my Onewheel today, and have had my P4 for only a couple of weeks now, so still playing with some of the new stuff that was not on my P3 drone. I'm going to be posting videos of the drone in Active Track mode filming me practicing tomorrow on my YouTube page. Van Larsen @ YouTube. You guys should check it out. When we stop at a more technical ride I can fly her manually and get some really cool videos of you guys tearing it up! Just FYI almost all of Venice beach is a no fly zone and logic says the airport park is but I'll check it, and others out as it gets closer. I am sure one of those other spots will be cool and if not, and you guys really want some video we will find something somewhere. I thought one of the sections of the LA River or some of those other massive concrete aqueducts we can access would be a cool ride....

  • @MichaelW @BriFi @Van, @thehoff and I are stoked you'll be Onewheeling with us this Sat 10/15, and I'll be in touch via text. Any other So Cal riders, please join us, it's going to be an awesome day. We'll start off with a morning ride of Venice Beach, then grab coffee / breakfast, then more riding. Lots more riding.

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