Manhattan Meetup Saturday, September 24, 2016

  • EDIT: 1 pm - 72nd and 5th. See everyone soon!

    I thought a few of us would just get together some time in the early afternoon and ride as a pack through Central Park (this isn't going to be nearly as involved as the LA meetup, which sounds exciting; I don't much feel like being a tour guide and I figured none of you would be tourists anyway).

    I've gotten a few responses by email but I don't have everyone's address, so hopefully people on the forums will see this and ping the people they know that don't visit the forums any more.

  • For the itinerary, I used my normal ride that I quite like (and I hope you might too, but I'm open to any suggestions). We can start at 72nd and 5th around 1/2 pm and swing up to the Bridle Path. The route looks like this:

    It's about 3 miles, and we can take any detours that we want to along the way. There's a good mix of pavement, grass, soft dirt, gravel, hills -- whatever we want to do, we can do, depending on battery life. We can ride by lakes, near waterfalls, under and on bridges, past a castle and a zoo, etc.

    When we start running low, if people bring their own chargers, we can ride to my apartment nearby and charge our OWs in the lobby of the building. While our boards refuel, we can grab a quick snack and/or drink at any of the nearby establishments (not sure what you wear when riding, but Dallas BBQ is reasonably priced and will let us in wearing just about anything; I guess we can go somewhere nicer like Daniel, Mark, Carlyle, etc. too but there's a dress code so you'll have to wear something appropriate).

    Hope you can join us! Any questions, please post here!

  • Jealous man! Glad you picked one up though, it's pretty awesome you're spearheading this for the NY riders.
    How many people do you think will show up?

  • I'm very happy to have gotten the OW. With the exception of this week (which I've taken off to heal a variety of scrapes and bruises and sprains, in preparation for this Saturday), I've been riding a few miles every day.

    I was only able to glean the emails of five people who've posted that they were in or around New York. Two have affirmatively responded that they would be coming. I've tagged the others in a couple posts, but I guess this forum software doesn't send out any email notifications when that happens.

    Central Park is such a great place to ride. And there's almost endless routes for exploration. The only thing it's missing is a beach.

  • Would love to go, but this weekend I'll be out of town. Post pics if you want those of us who don't make it to be jealous!

  • Going to try to make it! Do we have a firm start time?

  • @epellegrino Yes! 1 pm - 72nd and 5th.

  • Tomorrow should be a beautiful day for OWing:

    0_1474675851718_Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 8.07.11 PM.png

  • Thanks for organizing. Not around this time, but will look out for the next one.

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