Starbucks run - first real distance test

  • so i work from home 90% of the time , but with kids i usually head out and work remotely at starbucks and other places around the area , so i've been dying to try OW'ing my morning coffee/work commute .....and todays the day! I live about 3.2 miles from the nearest starbucks . i've been planning my route and i'm gonna give it a go today.

    I actually followed the route in my car the other day that i plan on taking today , and there are a bunch of spots with no sidewalks for a short stretch and i was thinking .. Man , i'd have to pickup a boosted board here and here and here ...but i should be able to offroad it fine on the OW.

    anyways, i'll let you guys know how the first long distance run goes

  • @detroitwheelin Good luck!! There are spots on my trip to the grocery store that are only road, no sidewalks, with huge ditches on the sides so I have to ride in the street. I try and gun it where there are no cars or wait in driveways when there are.

  • I've done a few rides like that! The no-sidewalk areas are actually killer. Weeds and untreated grassy areas make for a very bumpy ride; I ended up just riding on the shoulder of the road, which felt massively dangerous to me. Also, for some reason no one believes in curb cuts, so I was constantly having to get off and pick up the board to get on/off sidewalks. :-/

  • @1woman1wheel You can go right off curbs! Going back up is another story :p

  • @hustle I don't know if I'm there yet...... I'm not as badass as I try to be

  • so i kind of paced it out to make sure that most of the ride would be sidewalks , but man was i wrong, there were a ton of no sidewalk areas, ditches , insanely rough cement and all kinds of obstacles along the way , not to mention a dog that tried to bite me through a fence and a squirrel that ran right out in front of me lol ...but it was fun!!

    ended up being 3.4 miles from my house to Starbucks , and i have 33% battery left ...not bad

  • @detroitwheelin Once you get comfortable on it more and more I LOVE sidewalk cruising. All of the bumps and obstacles to dodge makes the ride much more exciting I think. I came off a ramp going from sidewalk to street and it was pretty steep while I was cruising at a good pace, went down it so fast and hard that the back half of the board dropped and hit the ground, slid for a bit as I basically look like I'm surfing on the back of this thing.. Wonder if there were sparks. Either way, recovered and it was quite the exciting boost.
    Hope you're loving your OW more and more every day!

  • @hustle nice! , yeah i hit some hard bumps , steep sidewalk entrances , and uneven grass patches ...was quite the adventure actually, but i kept thinking how awesome it was that most of the way across all of these different surfaces that i was able to stay on the board. i didn't realize how rough it was around here, definitely would've been picking up an electric skateboard over and over .

  • @hustle I love going off curbs and small drops now that I have gotten the hang of keeping my foot on the sensor when landing. First time I did it I ate it pretty hard because my foot slid forward but now I can go off 3+ foot drops no problem. The board handles it exceptionally well I have yet to notice anything coming loose or cracking.

  • @hustle lol. Yes! Sidewalk cruisin is my zen.
    Carving back and forth. Bumps, cracks, the different texture, lil drops, big drops

    Every twenty feet is different adventure!

  • so my ride home was even more of an adventure. After working for a bit at Starbucks and getting my OW charged back up, i head out and decide to take a different route home this time. I checked it out on Google Maps and thought i had an idea of how i could get through some neighborhoods. I knew there were some deadends , but it looked like i could cut through some areas to get where i needed to go ... boy was i wrong.

    I ended up hitting dead ends in this neighborhood and had to back track a bunch. At one point i had to do some grass riding for about a half mile (moved over to elevated mode, which was tons of fun).

    I was about a mile from home and sitting at 15% , ended up pulling in the driveway w/ 2% left ...whew! what a trip!

  • @detroitwheelin That's awesome man! I haven't had any close calls to running out of battery yet. The thing is so heavy I am really hoping I never do.
    Gotta ask though, are you glad you held onto it?

  • @hustle yeah definitely glad i hung onto it . I still feel that it will be more fun for short fun-runs than commuting (like i did yesterday) . I'll probably pickup a boosted board (or cheaper electric board) at some point for commutes and then possibly pickup another onewheel to go riding w/ friends . It would be so much more fun with friends to ride with :)

  • @detroitwheelin You better find some new routes if you get a Boosted Board! Those can't take on any terrain other than asphalt. And watch out for cracks and small pebbles!

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