Rear View Helmet

  • Even though I have a bike mirror attached my helmet, I still need to rubberneck all the time to avoid getting hit or getting honked at. Even on quiet or dead streets. Doesn't help my balance, and isn't fun.

    I am thinking of trying one of these rear view motorcycle helmets...

    It has a rear view system built in:
    Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 6.45.48 AM.png

    So it could be great as is.

    I would use this for streets/public, and have a normal helmet stashed at my destination when I'm trying tricks somewhere safe.

    Thoughts on how it would be to ride with a full helmet?

    I'll probably do it and report back unless everyone tells me not to bother, or tells me I'm missing something.

  • I think just focus on improving your balance. That's free and you also won't look like robocop!

    Practice on flat ground riding backwards, carving left right, figure eights and try to avoid looking down. Experiment bending your knees... I've found the onewheel needs a lot of ankle strength. Simply riding the board more you will build that up! Once you have balance, you will be able to look anywhere you want without worrying.

    As for what it would be like with a full-face helmet... I'd say this will actually reduce your visibility. A full-face helmet is designed for high speed motorcycle accidents, so you sacrifice some comfort (it will be hot and sweaty) for safety. If you still feel a mirror will help you, I know you can buy attachable mirrors for bike helmets. They are small convex mirrors that sit in your peripheral vision on either the right or left side. But still, for me personally, that would be even more distracting...

  • @lardnicus Really good advice there.

    A car hitting me is a high-speed accident, that's what I'm worried about. But it's not going to work if I get something that increases my chance of falling anyways.

    We'll see what Reevu says - maybe they are on board and can send me just the optics to slap onto my helmet, or a full helmetĀ that I can strip down.

    But yeah, for now I'll work on my skills and try to find a better mirror.

  • This is the kind of thing I was talking about:

    Just search "rearview mirror for bicycle helmet" :)

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