OW doesn't balance 1st time on

  • So I have two OWs and after about 6 months of use they now won't balance the first time I hop on after powering them on sitting flat on the ground. I wait for it to fully power up then hop on, and nothing. The second time always works, but I look like an idiot that doesn't know how to use my OW everytime I try to hop on it after work.
    Does anyone else have this issue?

  • @jefflynn once after a wipeout my OW behaved similarly. After letting it sit 15 minutes with the power off, I turned it back on and had no issues since.

  • Yeah this is an everytime annoyance. I have to hop on let it fall then hop on it again.

  • If you have the p0whee! App(android) or owbuddy (iPhone)
    you can see if you have pressure on both sensors when your trying to level. I got it a lot and found it was my heel not making enough contact with the sensor when I'm at an angle, The weird thing is that ,if I didn't fall off the front, it would usually level it self the second try or even as I returned to starting position. If I am conscious about putting my heel in the exact right place though, it never happens. I mention this because when it happens, it looks to me like my heel is where it should be. Now I put my heel down first firmly on that sensor first.

  • Also you can give the board a little push. If it rolls freely then it did not start correctly and needs to be power cycled. If the wheel gives resistance then it should be ready to go.

  • All the time. I have to be very precise where I put the foot on the sensor. The kids have a lot of trouble getting it right. Sometimes the sensor recognises the pressure and then suddenly doesn't just before I start off. There is no problem once the Onewheel is moving.
    It does seem to be worse when it is damp or my shoes are muddy but that might be my imagination.

  • I has happened to me a few times, it's always happened to me on an incline, my onewheel is less than a month old. I put my feet a little farther apart than centered on the deck, I'm pretty sure in all cases where it happened that the white lights were on and it seemed ready to go. Then I'd usually power it off and on, but sometimes not, and it would work on the 2nd try. I've haven't had any issue once the motor kicks in.

  • When I first got mine and would ride in the yard, I would hit a dip would get tossed off. Usually, it would do that when I would get back on. I would power it off and then back on, and it would work. About a month later I had to send it off when it got water inside the board. Since then, it has not really done that too much. It did it to me this Sunday when I was riding around the yard after a spill. However, it would definitely be frustrating.

    I'll ask a very common question that is asked on The IT Crowd: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
    I'd also make sure it is blinking slowly when you power it up

  • @wr420 I'm not seeing the p0whee app in the play store.

  • @jefflynn said in OW doesn't balance 1st time on:

    @wr420 I'm not seeing the p0whee app in the play store.

    I think that should actually be POWheel, not POWhee.

  • @thegreck said in OW doesn't balance 1st time on:

    @jefflynn said in OW doesn't balance 1st time on:

    @wr420 I'm not seeing the p0whee app in the play store.

    I think that should actually be POWheel, not POWhee.

    The name is actually "pOnewheel".
    Here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.kwatts.powtools

  • @jefflynn Ups.. Ya sorry about that. That should of been an "L" not a !

  • and the 0 might me a zero.

  • Haha np thanks guys. I'll check that out.

  • I don't know if im lucky but more than a few times ive tipped the nose too far forward in elevated. It didnt jet off thankfully. The motor didnt engage. Then It wouldnt go when I tried to get back on twice to balance. If I wouldve had a new pressure pad it wouldve been spinning off somewhere. I hope they work on perfecting the pad because it works great after 100 miles or so. It seems like it does need a break in period. Im not the first to notice that obviously, but just confirming it from my experience.

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