Board took off without me

  • I had a something unusual happen this morning. I hopped off the board, on an incline, (still haven't learned to put the tail down). I pushed the nose down, to slide a bag over the tail to slip it inside and when I pushed on the front sensor, it took off without any pressure on the back. I haven't experienced that before, it seems like a malfunction, sensor malfunctions make me uncomfortable in hilly concrete terrain. I'm considering that the board may sometimes get confused, starting or stopping on a hill.

  • @dalisdair It didn't malfunction, it did exactly what would be expected. You put pressure on the sensors and leveled the board, then went past level to nose-down, and the board accelerated. That's how it works. There aren't any sensors on the back, so I don't know what you meant by "without any pressure on the back."

    Just turn it off first if you're going to put it into a bag and you'll be fine.

  • @dalisdair there are 2 sensors, but they're both on the same footpad. If they're both covered / pressed on and the board gets to level, the board is active and can move. Most people ride with that footpad (the one with both sensors has the blue diagonal lines on it) under the front foot, and there are no sensors on the other footpad.

  • Thanks, I've definitely made some incorrect assumptions about how it works, for example some times the front lights are red and I thought that meant it wasn't ready to go, but I've since found I can use it whether the lights in front are showing red or white.

    I'm sure I've pushed down the front before but I guess I didn't engage the sensor. I assumed it wouldn't start unless my foot was placed on the back first.

  • @dalisdair The lights should always be white in front when you're going forward and red in back. They will swap when you change directions.

  • @dalisdair the LED lights indicate which direction you're riding. The leading edge will show white (essentially your headlights), the trailing edge will show red (taillights). If you switch directions, the lights reverse accordingly. Your assumption about needing to put a foot on the back footpad to activate the board is incorrect. That's why it's recommended to mount the board with your rear foot on the rear pad (the one without sensors) and then put your foot on the front pad (which has both sensors / the blue diagonal graphic). Then get the board level and you're off to the races.

  • Sometimes before I step in the board the front lights are red, but I can get on it and when it engages they turn white.

  • @dalisdair yup, that's normal. From the previous dismount the board may have gone backwards a smidge and that swapped the lights. But then when you remount and start off, the lights reorient as appropriate.

  • I don't want to be rude but......sometimes it's useful to read this user manual :P

  • I've reviewed the manual, I don't think it's made particularly clear that there are no sensors in the back. It does refer to "the rider detect area" on the front deck. Unless I missed it, there is no mention of what it might mean when the front lights are red before you mount.

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