Board vs Unicycle

  • @Wouter I like a good challenge and have been wanting to give the unicycle a try. Maybe someday.....

  • @detroitwheelin

    Would you compare Onewheel to snowboarding or surfing?

  • @sonny123 - it feels like snowboarding to me. I hear it's even more like snowboarding when you do it on the beach (haven't tried that yet).

  • @sonny123 it's closer to snowboarding than surfing I think. Especially with how you have to turn heel to toe is the closest to snowboarding I have felt besides maybe a "freebord" longboard. I don't think any electric board can replicate what a Freebord does.

  • Interesting. I was under the impression it simulates surfing more as it's body motion that does the carving at times.

  • I think the carving aspect is very similar to longboarding and snowboarding. If I start out after a full charge and have a huge hill to go down then I can carve all the way to each side of the pavement/road/grass whatever at a decent enough speed that my regenerative braking isn't kicking in so my board doesn't overpower and shut off on me. I think that the experience I have, especially with longboarding, helps me greatly in this. Feeling more comfortable in the bent knees position also contributes a lot I think to my overall ability on the OW.
    That being said, my dad doesn't do any other board sports and he was the first of us to get a OW and he cruises right along, hitting bumps and carving like a pro. We've paddle boarded together and I took him snowboarding once (which he made it down the hill on his first try no problem) but other than that I am not aware of any board sports he did.
    We are also relatively short at about 5'5 so our lower center of gravity probably does help some.
    I rambled. Sorry :D

  • @detroitwheelin I had one experienced snowboarder try my OW. What I remember from that conversation is that with snowboarding you're steering more with your shoulders / entire body. The OW allows for much more subtle movements. I have only snowboarded once but I can see the point. The contact point with the ground is way smaller with OW than with snowboarding.. And thus it's more sensitive and allows for more subtle movements--that help steering nevertheless. With the OW you can rely more on moving your center of gravity rather than the upper body... Anything recognisable for you?

  • @Wouter I agree with that to an extent.
    With snowboarding and longboarding if you swing your torso you can control your carve a lot more. 180 & 360's on either type of board(standup slides on a longboard) is much easier to accomplish when swinging your arms/torso to fully commit with the turn. I feel like the same applies with the OW. I haven't tried any 180's or 360's on it yet but I plan on it when I get to the beach this weekend and that is the approach I plan on taking.
    I guess what I am trying to say is slow carving I feel the toe/heel pressure similar to snowboarding but higher speed carving totally feels like a longboard.

  • @Wouter well at slower speeds a snowboard requires more upper body movements but once you get moving its more subtle and you can lean and carve , which is similar to the OW at most any speed.

    Surfing and longboarding I feel like I need to rock my front foot (pull the board back and forth) to carve rather than really lean-carve... The OW is definitely more of a lean-carve , than foot-rock-carve

  • @detroitwheelin I feel like the toe/heel will let you turn, but it's not a true carve. If you want to really carve where you're kicking up a wave of snow you need more of a body commitment. If that makes sense?


    As much as I love the OW it doesn't even come close to how riding a freebord feels. Now if they could somehow put a motor on that board and make it capable of off-roading it would be a game changer.

  • @ahxe45 I'd love to try a freeboard but I never bought one because my terrain is not very hilly.

  • @ahxe45 leiftech esnowboard- it's essentially a motorized freeboard . Seems to be getting bad reviews though and they're selling cheap on eBay

  • @detroitwheelin never heard of it. I will have to check it out.

  • @ahxe45 said in Board vs Unicycle:

    As much as I love the OW it doesn't even come close to how riding a freebord feels. Now if they could somehow put a motor on that board and make it capable of off-roading it would be a game changer.

    wow that looks like it takes way more coordination than I have o_o

    @SaturnOne I have a few years of snowboarding experience and that definitely helped. I'm not naturally coordinated or athletic and my balance is terrible, so snowboarding had a steep learning curve for me, and even with that background, it took me a little while to get totally comfortable on the OW.

  • @SaturnOne Are you talking about a electric unicicle? (if not, it seems they exist too :) )

  • @Polle Yes, they exist but it's not what I'm riding. The ones I am thinking of, like Ninebot One, are probably fun to ride but not nearly as exciting or challenging as the regular unicycle..

  • @sonny123 Thanks again for your advice!
    Helped me to take care of it without FM.

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