Chips under insoles for rider dtect

  • Sensor works great especially after you get to know it but what if there were chips you slipped under your insoles that sent a near field radio signal to the board for rider dtect. Might reduce some of these early nosedive/rider error issues. You could still keep the sensor and have dual dtect modes or whatever so you didn't allways have to have chips and could let others ride and what not. Probably cost prohibitive but sounds doable.

  • @ashewheeler that sounds like a cool idea but just one more thing to lose or break and get charged for.

  • @ahxe45 I agree and really know nothing about the feasibility of this and was hoping one of the brains on board might chime in. Also I just think there has got to be a path towards fool proof rider dtect in the sense that the onewheel never misinterpreted irregular foot placement or momentary loss of foot contact as cause to shut down. That said the current rider dtect is incredible and does a brilliant job managing 99% of situations and is safe for the surrounding environment in terms of quickly shutting down when unit becomes un manned so I doubt FM will want to spend bookoos more implementing something new. However maybe near field radio technology is a simple and easy add on that is just a redundancy option for rider dtect. I know that near field radio stuff is being implemented for Disney World and soon other vacation destination spots. It's creepily big brother stuff but maybe could help us shred harder and faster and with more confidence during the globalist takeover. Please nobody take this as a criticism of the current sensor. I'm a year in and still amazed at how intuitive and responsive the onewheel is. It seems to just keep unfolding in terms of capability and its wonderfully subtle rideability. I'm still life maxing every time I jump on.

  • @ashewheeler I'd love some kind of simple engineering change that could allow full movement of both feet without worrying about the sensors, but it would still know that you're on the board and doesn't keep rolling when you fall or jump off, and allows for easy dismount.

    I have absolutely no idea how they would do it, but I also know there are a lot of people out there a lot smarter than me. So let's make this thing happen, smart people!!

  • You have to keep in mind that in some specific situations both of your feet leave the board on purpose. For instance, when you jump off a curb or you want to make some fancy trick.
    I think that is the reason that makes achieving this is so difficult. The board has to know when you did it on purpose and when you fell (or jumped off), and that is a very hard task.

    All I can think of is some king of small remote, or panic button you can press if you fall, but the coolest part of the OW is not having to carry a remote like in the electric skateboards.

  • @matto That's what the 1-second delay is for. Seems to be just enough time for things like what you're describing. The main difficulty in curb jumping is just keeping your balance when you hit the ground, not the board shutting off.

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