"Dead-battery push back" at 20% while going uphill?

  • Hey everyone,

    New rider here, just got the board a few days ago for my hilly commute and I'm a huge fan already!

    On-topic: I was riding up a steep hill, and my board slowly shut down -- it was like the tail slowly drifted to the ground. I guessing this was "dead-battery push back" (page 04-33 of the Owner's manual), since I checked my phone and the app said 20% with a message stating that the board needed charging. That seemed really early to me, and I expected there to be plenty of juice left to get me over the hill. I carried my board up the hill, turned it off and on, and it ran fine on flat ground.

    Does anyone know what's going on? It seemed more like a software problem that prevented me from going uphill than a lack of electrical charge. I expected to be able to run the board down to 0% battery, because that would really limit my range if it always stopped at 20%.


  • @blankets I would say it relates to the amount of current draw seen by the motor and the realtime battery level. So it you were on flat ground it would be at normal battery level % for push back.

  • @blankets I experienced this before on a slight uphill (wet grass) so it happened a few times then just stopped after an extreme amount of push back. As your board is fairly new the battery may need a few more charge cycles to reach the full charge / discharge capacity (like a learning curve). What have you seen for low battery push back on flat ground?

  • @blankets A good way to test to see if your battery needs balanced is to watch the app as it charges. If you say you get push back at 20% then I'm willing to bet that when your board charges to 80%, it then jumps straight to 100%!? Mine does this a lot.

    If I'm out for a ride and get pushback at say 7%, when I charge to jumps from 93% straight to 100%.

    When this happens I just leave on the charger for longer. Usually overnight.

    My suggestion for you is to leave for a 48 hour charge. If you can't wait then do a 24 hour charge.

    Good luck

  • Ya I second @thehoff - The battery voltage is detirminted my sampling one cel of many. You need to balance all the cels so their voltages are as similar to each other as possible.

  • Interesting, I'll try charging it overnight and see if that helps, thanks a lot.

  • There are 2 apps that can help, wheelbuddy (iPhone) 5$ and p0wheel (android) free.
    They will tell you individual cell voltage so you can see when they are all the same. When they are your voltage reading should be more accurate,

  • Just to follow up: I did a 48-hour charge, and downloaded OWheelBuddy to monitor each individual cell voltages (and track top speed!). After a 48-hour charge, the cell voltages all read 3.62 V except one which read 3.60 V... is that normal? Anyways, I went riding, drained my battery to under 10%, and I was able to ascend the same hill at 8% battery with no problems or push back. Thanks for all your feedback.

  • @blankets - all cells on both my boards go to 3.62 after an overnight charge. .02 (not my 2 cents lol) does not seem like a lot though. Board seems normal though so that's good. I have a feeling that over time that last cell will go up to 3.62. One of my boards is a 300 serial kickstarter board.

  • @blankets great news.. for your info, I always have one cell that sits .02 below the rest.. but I'm guessing this app is not completely accurate.. as every time I refresh my app screen this all changes.. good to have your board working again

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