Email notifications?

  • After I place my order, are there notifications along the way (sometime within the 8-10 week window) or is it just an awesome surprise one day at the door?

    Thank you!

  • I got one update not long after I ordered, but nothing after that until it ships - then you'll get a email with shipping details. That's an exciting day!

    I pinged them a few times along the wait when certain promised dates had passed to get an update and they were always quick with a email reply update.

  • @NuclearDeLorean I had a very similar experience as difranco. I got an email the day before it showed up on my door.

  • I'm at 8 weeks and two days :)

  • AND I WAS JUST E-MAILED!!! The email had tracking and said it will be in my hands by end of day tomorrow! :boom:

  • Great! Support eluded that production times may be getting better and if you are common it means they are at least down to eight weeks which is a big improvement.

    Congrats! Clear your schedule and get ready for a great day.

  • As Franky said, set aside a couple hours and lock in. The first 5-10 minutes you'll be shaky when it comes to lateral movement. After half an hour you'll be off on rocking it.

  • If UPS comes at the normal time, I'll have it in my hands before noon. I took the day off tomorrow. Bwahahaha. How crazy is that?? I was bitching and blam! Email :)

  • I did the same thing and since I had to sign for it, glad I did! =) Unbox, ignore shit, plug in, charge, wait for green light, go. That was pretty much how it went for me. haha

    Soon you're going to start to notice things differently, going hmmm....I bet that would be fun to ride on. Also like driving today, I got bored going straight because I wanted to carve my car like I do my board. Welcome to a Onewheel world.

  • Not crazy after 8 weeks of anticipation.

    I was planning on getting mine delivered at home and I was going to be there when it came.
    Then my wife told me she was going to be at my office that day so I did a ups address change ....which was bad idea. Turns out an address change isn't processed while a package is in transit and then it can delay delivery a day which would negate the whole point of the change. Basically the tracking went to this limbo mode where I didn't know what was going on. Thankfully it all worked out and it was delivered on time to work at which time I spent the rest of the day tooling around the parking lot and then some trails at a local park while my wife was working away.

  • @NuclearDeLorean not crazy at all :clap:

  • @NuclearDeLorean I remember this feeling of anticipating. Few things better in life!

  • I ordered my OW on May 17th 2015.
    I received an email saying my order was being processed.
    I received my next email at 12:18 am on July 10th.
    The email gave some riding advice.
    So 53 days to ship and I'm waiting for delivery but they emailed a tracking number and it will be here within 3 days.
    It was shipped via UPS Ground. 35.5 lbs. One package. Shipped from San Pablo, CA, United States.
    I think that is exactly 8 weeks. Not bad OW, Not bad.

  • Huh I woke up this morning and an email waiting for me...yes, my OW is shipped :heart_eyes:
    Exactly 8 weeks, well done FM :boom: :tada:
    I just can't wait to start riding, I'm in Croatia and UPS scheduled shipping to Jul 21 -.-

  • @Blades @riofiume Enjoy! You will soon know how it feels being the pretty girl at he dance.

  • CONFIRMED AMAZING!!!! It's already banged up! It's already seen sand and the beach, and I've gone 3-4 miles. I think I'm in love. :)

  • 7 weeks 5 days for my third board. Should be here this Friday!!!!!

  • @jim why is it your third bord? just intrested ;)

  • @Jim, if I may answer that, one to learn on (scratch up and let your friends play with), one to ride once you are confident/proficient and one as a back up.

  • Just a glutony of riches

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