Weird engine sounds - and disassembly instructions.

  • My board, which I have for little more than a week now is acting very funny today. I'm in Europe, with shipping being $300 one way, so I hope to try and fix it by myself...

    It all started when the board began to feel like the engine is "grinding" when I was riding it.
    I assumed it was a bit of sand or a small rock that went into the engine, and that it would fix itself in a moment.

    I rode another 3-4 miles with the board, and now, when I arrived home, I feel not only the grinding thing, but also some weird beeping or squealing.

    • Any ideas on what could be happening here?
    • Any protips for disassembly? (I'm an electrical engineer)

  • @kolinko said:

    egan to feel like the engine is "grinding" when I was riding it.
    I assumed it was a bit of sand or a small rock that went into the engine, and that it would fix itself in a moment.

    Europe (uk) myself - interested to hear what you find out - mine (just over a week old - first ride on 09/09/15) is misbehaving - my issue would appear to be more battery than mechanical though . . .

  • Be careful- you will likely void your warranty if you open it up.

    Talk openly in a support email with futuremotion, they very well might offer to split shipping cost or otherwise find a way to give you better support. Or perhaps even guide you through troubleshooting on your own if you are willing to break it down by yourself.

  • They discourage people from taking them apart, but if you do (and it sounds like you're skilled enough) please share photos and breakdown!

    I am in Australia, I will also get hit by that postage if and when something needs to be repaired...

  • Considering you just got your Onewheel and have had it for all but a few weeks, these sound very normal believe it or not. 1.)(Grinding)-The grinding noise you are describing could easily be the ramping pass the Onewheel limits where you are hitting the so called governor of the Onewheel and it makes a chatter or grinding feeling in the motor area. It can also act like that when hitting bumps and your wheel skips a bit. Another grinding factor could be is there may be a small rock embedded between your foot-pad and metal frame gap behind the tire on the back foot-pad causing it to be scraping on your Onewheel. There is really no way a rock can get inside the motor neither because it should be sealed tight and that is what makes it water repellent. 2.)(Squealing)- The noise you hear again is pretty normal with electric motors. If you are in a garage or and area with walls, it will be normal to hear a high pitched frequency noise that some people may not hear because it is so high pitched. I noticed this all the time when in our garage on mine and I noticed dogs go crazy because of the noise is so high pitched. Again though no worries and this is just normal operation of the motor working. I really don't recommend tearing it down because of the warranty and even though it's expensive to ship back, in the long run if you tear it down and it doesn't work after you rebuild then you loose more money. Better to be safe than sorry! Got anymore questions I'd be happy to help out! Happy Onewheelin.

  • Mine made motor vibrations at slow speeds and started whinning I had to send it back..

  • @parrothd Did you get it back yet?

  • nope..still waiting...Been at FM since the 3rd.

  • .. It would be awesome if you struck some kind of deal with HQ. It would be alot cheaper for all Europeans to send the board to you it there is a easy enough problem with it, than over the atlantic.

  • @BradK thanks for the reply. I'm familiar with the governor sounds, but this is not it. This grinding sound happens from the moment I begin riding (1-2mph) and doesn't disappear. Also, the board doesn't ride smooth any more. Even when riding on asphalt it feels as if the board is on a porous concrete material. And that's not just me, but my friends who noticed the significant difference.

    As for the squeaking, again - this noise is noticeable even when I'm balancing the board while standing still. It wasn't there originally, and it's not consistent with normal operation of the motor.

    Since I posted this, I noticed other posters complaining about the same thing, and one person reporting that his board's wheel locked during riding, plus other people reporting that they sent the board for repair due to the same issue. The board is definitely faulty.

    As for the board disassembly - I did it. Everything beside the wheel, because I read that wheels require some kind of a recalibration after being put back together.
    Didn't take the photos, but it's surprisingly easy and fun - unlike laptops :) I was hoping that one of the condensators broke off - which might cause similar effects and be an easy fix - unfortunately that was not the case.

    Right now I'm awaiting the customer support reply regarding sending it back to them.

  • I am also experiencing these phenomenon after riding my unit less than two weeks. Without getting emotional, I feel like I had upon purchasing the onewheel, found and began settling in the promised land of boarding paradise, when all of the sudden the alien technology foot chariot that had taken me there started to disintegrate underfoot. Woke up super stoked to start my day with an inspirational magic carpet ride and during my usual onewheel warm up in the kitchen noticed a strange unfamiliar cacophony of electronic gibberish that had me looking for a birds nest hiding somewhere inside my brush-less motor. It is not only audible but can be felt as vibration coming through the deck of the board. Mine is making this noise constantly from stand still to full output and my wife's unit does it periodically which is almost more dangerous as the unit twitches a little when the noise or feedback initiates out of the blue during motion. Waiting to hear back from future motion but imagine I will be sending both units back first thing in the morning.

  • Also my tire is not holding pressure without any visible signs of puncture. Hoping i Just got a lemon and onewheel fixes everything and I at least get a year of trouble free riding out of it as I would be happy to pay $1500 a year for my life to be as amazing as it was before my onewheel stopped working.

  • Unfortunately mine started this today. Growling noises start when first engaged and not yet moving. I rode it around a tad and could also feel rumbles along with the noise but it didn't shut down. I'll have to contact support.

  • This is not a good sign. This may start showing up more and more. Hopefully FM takes care of it on their dime. We all have yet to see the longevity of this board. For the price though, the board should be able to live a long life, but we'll see.

  • For those experiencing the curious noise troubles, have you cleaned the OW with water or taken to the beach before?

    Mine has been "living" in the trunk of my car but I'm now realizing that's probably a bad idea in such extreme heat as we've been seeing here.

    For the guy who has 2 which are both exhibiting the problem, did you buy both at the same time? or is there a big gap in the serial numbers?

  • @utsu neither unit has seen any water. And yes bought them both at the same time. Serial numbers are not consecutive but do have some similarities.

  • @utsu is your onewheel having these same symptoms?

  • I've ridden mine in the rain twice and have washed it with water twice. None of those instances caused any issues.

    Yesterday mine was working fine and then I road for a little bit down a pebble bike path to a sidewalk. I thought the board was acting strange when I got to the sidewalk but the surrounding was very loud so I couldn't hear the noises. I stopped and shook the board and tried to listen for any rattling. It was too loud to hear anything for sure so I put the board down and it worked fine the rest of the night for at least 5 miles. Then this morning I was leaving my driveway riding switch slowly and came to a stop. After starting forward I did a nose dive at relatively slow speed and the board tumbled once or twice. After that the noise and rumbles started. I'm assuming something in the motor came loose or something but I have no idea.

  • Just read another post where a guy said he had similar problems chirping and vibration from motor. Future Motion had him send it back and it took three weeks total to get it back. I wish I could hibernate while mine gets fixed. As many people as I was turning on to this thing in Asheville N.C. I should be getting a free replacement board to keep me and my customer funded onewheel marketing campaign alive while they fix my baby.

  • Just wanted to let you guys know that the onewheel service team has been fantastic to work with regarding the engine noise. My onewheels are in route back to FM and are they are letting me chip in for overnight shipping coming back. Hoping to have them back by next weekend. Because of how uniquely amazing it is to ride and how much it will lend to boarding evolution, onewheel is ultimately fused to the culture of board sports. None of us need to worry about FM's longevity. This Era of ride-ables has just started and we are lucky to be zooming around on mind controlled electronic gadgets that are enabling so much freedom of motion. I remember dreaming for years of my childhood that world's like this one existed. Now here we are!

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