Weird engine sounds - and disassembly instructions.

  • This is not a good sign. This may start showing up more and more. Hopefully FM takes care of it on their dime. We all have yet to see the longevity of this board. For the price though, the board should be able to live a long life, but we'll see.

  • For those experiencing the curious noise troubles, have you cleaned the OW with water or taken to the beach before?

    Mine has been "living" in the trunk of my car but I'm now realizing that's probably a bad idea in such extreme heat as we've been seeing here.

    For the guy who has 2 which are both exhibiting the problem, did you buy both at the same time? or is there a big gap in the serial numbers?

  • @utsu neither unit has seen any water. And yes bought them both at the same time. Serial numbers are not consecutive but do have some similarities.

  • @utsu is your onewheel having these same symptoms?

  • I've ridden mine in the rain twice and have washed it with water twice. None of those instances caused any issues.

    Yesterday mine was working fine and then I road for a little bit down a pebble bike path to a sidewalk. I thought the board was acting strange when I got to the sidewalk but the surrounding was very loud so I couldn't hear the noises. I stopped and shook the board and tried to listen for any rattling. It was too loud to hear anything for sure so I put the board down and it worked fine the rest of the night for at least 5 miles. Then this morning I was leaving my driveway riding switch slowly and came to a stop. After starting forward I did a nose dive at relatively slow speed and the board tumbled once or twice. After that the noise and rumbles started. I'm assuming something in the motor came loose or something but I have no idea.

  • Just read another post where a guy said he had similar problems chirping and vibration from motor. Future Motion had him send it back and it took three weeks total to get it back. I wish I could hibernate while mine gets fixed. As many people as I was turning on to this thing in Asheville N.C. I should be getting a free replacement board to keep me and my customer funded onewheel marketing campaign alive while they fix my baby.

  • Just wanted to let you guys know that the onewheel service team has been fantastic to work with regarding the engine noise. My onewheels are in route back to FM and are they are letting me chip in for overnight shipping coming back. Hoping to have them back by next weekend. Because of how uniquely amazing it is to ride and how much it will lend to boarding evolution, onewheel is ultimately fused to the culture of board sports. None of us need to worry about FM's longevity. This Era of ride-ables has just started and we are lucky to be zooming around on mind controlled electronic gadgets that are enabling so much freedom of motion. I remember dreaming for years of my childhood that world's like this one existed. Now here we are!

  • I have not had my board for 2 weeks yet and I got the same engine noises described here last night. I was 2 miles away from home when the issue started and decided to ride it home.. the board shut down twice on that ride! Luckily no injuries.

    How long did the repair take for you guys? Do you have to pay shipping costs? I feel like I shouldn't have to pay sh*t considering I have not even had the board for 14 days yet!

    It sucks that I had to wait 8 weeks to get the board and now I have to wait a few more weeks as it is repaired. Right when I was really getting to love the thing too -_-

  • ... Better to have OneWheeled and lost than never to have OneWheeled at all...

  • I shipped mine back mid last week using the prepaid shipping label from fm. For me in wi, it's a five day ship but I decided not to see about paying for expedited shipping. I had an amazing three months riding everyday during our short summer and now I'm much more comfortable waiting.

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