Battery overcharged

  • Hi all,

    I just came back from a riding on the beach, but it did not go well.
    After rinsing the OW with fresh water and let it dry for a couple of hours, the start button began flashing 3 times and the board turned off. I plug it to the charger and the following message appear in the OW app: "ERROR! Battery Overcharged. Please leave your Onewheel unplugged"

    What should I do?

  • I had a similar experience with water(up to the top of the tire)and I contacted support, ended up sending it back to them and they replaced the battery under warranty.

  • @wr420 are you saying yours was fully submerged? For how long?

  • I don't think the board is as "waterproof" as they make it out to be. Unfortunately they put videos out there already of people riding through salt water and getting the board close to submerged. Also the fact that the user manual says "were not saying to go swimming with it but you can get it wet" or something like that always made me think it was almost an accident that it is water resistant. There was a thread before where someone had opened up their OW and saw that all of the entry points were not sealed properly and could easily have water get into them.

  • @kbman - Not Fully submerged, but going through shore break where the waves were going over the top of the tire repeatedly. Couple that with speed and the angle of the front foot pad and you end up pushing a lot of water as you ride alone that builds up in front of the wheel.
    I have noticed they have started putting small plugs in the blank slots in the connectors that used to lead straight into the controller. Maybe that will help.

  • @ahxe45 - That was me who mentioned the unsealed connectors before. Although they were not fixed when I sent my first one in for repair, the board I got back last week now has plugs in those holes.
    It would be nice if they offered to mail a few out to folks to install.

  • @wr420 Yeah you would think that would make sense instead of having people have to send in their boards for warranty work. Maybe they are hoping that most people don't ride on the beach or through water.

  • @wr420 I was afraid of that. As I live in Brazil, that's going to be costly and take a long time...

    @kbman mine was completely submerged by a small wave, but for just 1 second. Similar to what @wr420 described

  • They are now putting something like these in the blank spots in their connectors.

    They come in different sizes (depending on wire gauge).

  • @wr420 they should definitely offer to ship them to all boards that did not come with them installed already. Or at least make owners with certain serial #'s aware that they don't have these installed in the board and could potentially end up with water damage. I wonder who the genius was that thought leaving those plug ends open was a good idea. Especially for a "water resistant" board.

  • @ahxe45 And I remember hearing a lot of talk in their advertising that all of the electronics were safe because the case had a watertight seal. Seems not to be true.

  • @wr420 Do the ones you linked to fit into the Onewheel blanks? And is it hard to get to to do it yourself?

  • @thegreck from seeing other members opening up their boards and from the little bit of tinkering I have done which has not been too much because I am still under warranty, it really does not seem to be as water resistant as they make it out to be. Its not like a phone that is water resistant where you can drop it in a pool and it will still work. I have noticed sand and dust in places that I don't think they should be because that means water can get in there even easier.

  • thegreek - I'm not positive, that was just a quick example. It is an easy process to install them though. You only need to remove the front footpad and maybe the lower plastic cover between the wheel and the controller. All you do is insert the plug into the back of all the terminals that don't have a wire. I'm pretty sure you can do it without unplugging the connectors.

    I will try to get some pics up this weekend and some links to sizes that will work.


  • @wr420 Okay, thanks!

    And it's actually thegreck, not thegreek... my name is Greg, and Greck is a nickname ;)

  • @wr420 I've contacted FM's support and will have to send my OW to them.

    Although, they were pretty solicit and will prepay for everything, I'll have to over pack the board and drop it at a FEDEX center.

    After the inspection, if FM concludes the board has a "extensive water damage", I will have to cover the two way shipping and repair.

    I'm pretty confident I did nothing exceptional with the board, but will have to wait a couple of weeks (at best) for it's return and their verdict about who will pay for everything.

    Frustrating, but at least there truly is a support even for someone that is so far away...

  • @thegreck - Ups, I do know that!! Guess i tried trying by hand instead of using @.

    @MNSC - I'm quit sure they will cover it. I rode mine into Tahoe deep. When I unplugged the controller where was water inside the connectors. Repaired at No charge.

    On another board I bought used with a serial in the 300's, FM replaced the controller at no charge,I just had to pay for shipping but that board was months out of warranty and I was not the original buyer.

    They are pretty good about their warranty.

  • @MNSC Olá! Você conseguiu despachar a sua onewheel no avião sem problemas (quando veio ao Brasil)? Conseguiu resolver o problema técnico dela agora? Obrigado.

  • @gustesta Olá

    Eu não trouxe o onewheel de avião. Eu comprei pelo site e eles me entregaram via FedEx (ironicamente, veio no avião da FedEx...). O único problema disso é o custo maior de frete e, principalmente o imposto de importação.
    Em relação ao suporte, Eles foram bastante rápidos para me responder por email, mas eu terei que enviar a prancha para eles por FedEx também.

    À princípio, eles vão pagar tudo. Transporte e conserto,.

    Está pensando em comprar uma para você ou já comprou?

  • @wr420 Thanks! I hope you are right! I will update this thread when I get it back

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