shipping onewheels to vacation spot

  • HAS anyone found a cheap way to ship these things? My wife and I don't want to try flying with them and I'm afraid to remove the batteries to fly with them because someone mentioned having to recalibrate them after putting them back in. We're flying to Portland in a week and desperately want our boards with us because riding together in cool places is one of our greatest joys in life. The major carriers charge an arm and a leg to ship 2 boards from San Antonio to Oregon and back. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  • @donny-h As of now it does not seem like you can get a board shipped for cheaper than $80-$100 and that is on the cheaper side. Only other thing to do is risk bringing them with you and if you make it on the flight there you could ship it back from Portland and save half the cost. You're taking the biggest risk flying back home. You could always have someone wait and if you don't get through security you could give them the boards to take back to your house or something like that.

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