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  • Just thought I would start this thread so we can keep track of all the UK Onewheelers - might be a short one - such a sting with postage and shipping - so we can either organise a Onewheel club and rip up the streets - or more likely, pool orders together to bring down the transatlantic shipping costs on extras and replacement parts!

    Pleased to meet you all, my name is Matthew and I live near Swansea in South Wales

  • @darkkent @Twangechogain and @thwaker you guys are London based aren't you?

  • @Nat @libertine84

  • @eish I'm up in Manchester and the fender arrived just in time! Let's see how well it works! Have your board been sorted yet?

  • Thanks for the invite - Great idea for a group and pooling orders makes a lot of sense.

    North Wales here and just ordered my board last night - totally obsessing right now so expecting a long 6 - 8 weeks! Going to Amsterdam soon as well and I just know it would be amazing to surf those bike lanes -_-

    How's the fender Nat? I didn't go for it, which was probably a mistake as it's supposed to arrive in December, tho the guy in my local small hardware store is really handy so hopefully he would like the challenge of helping me rig one up... has anyone else made their own customisations?

  • @libertine84 The fender is working out great for me.Rode it in the rain on the way to work today (freezing!). Can't imagine how cold it'd be riding in full on winter in the rain! But my pants are dry so no complaints! No customisation on my board (yet). If you do end up with a custom fender, please do share!

  • I think I made a mudguard aluminium - not tested yet, board was poorly when I was at the shop making it, I took a sheet of aluminium, guillotine it, folded the edges, (just under 2cm folded back inwards - distance of wood to grip tape)

    Then rolled the folds flat, and then added a curve to the rollers graudally rolled it all to a curve and folded and flattened the ends and folded them up to a right angle (well almost allowing for the curve)

    IMG_6538.jpg IMG_6539.jpg

    Still have to put some rubber on the bottom

    I love the fact that my dads friend teaches shop at the local collage - I can occasionally get the chance to be let loose with man toys :p nothing says lightsaber like a plasma or oxyacetylene cutter (one sounds right one looks right - both cut through stuff)

  • Nice.. That's a heavy duty fender right there! Looks like you've done a great job getting the curve and measurements. Did you get a chance to ride with it before you sent your board in?

    I imagined fashioning one from wood, stencilling the curve and fixtures and using a saw to cut it out, but it would need to start out as one hefty chunk of trunk and result in a lot left over. Thinking about it now though it mightn't be a very suitable material.. oh well, plenty of time to do the research while waiting on delivery!

  • Anyone been watching the news? or or or or
    and just for fun

    Does this effect us? I mean I have been past police, even given a constable a go on it in the middle of the street in the middle of a crowd during a race.

    I mean its not a scooter - its missing a few thing and is different in so many more ways, missing one wheel (maybe two), you travel perpendicular to the wheel, you don't have handles to turn the wheel with, and there is no seat to name a few ...

    I mean here is the section re footpaths

    @Username / Website said:

    72 Penalty on persons committing nuisances by riding on footpaths, &c.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F1 If any person shall wilfully ride upon any footpath or causeway by the side of any road made or set apart for the use or accommodation of foot passengers; or shall wilfully lead or drive any horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description, or any truck or sledge, upon any such footpath or causeway; or shall tether any horse, ass, mule, swine, or cattle, on any highway, so as to suffer or permit the tethered animal to be thereon;. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F2; every person so offending in any of the cases aforesaid shall for each and every such offence forfeit and pay any sum not exceeding [F3level 2 on the standard scale], over and above the damages occasioned thereby.

  • @eish I'm not from UK but sounds like they are probably just cracking down on those dorky "hoverboards". I would tend to think this would not affect you due to the uniqueness of the Onewheel you mentioned. A totally different (cooler) machine and much more rare.

  • @eish This doesn't sound good at all. I'm not sure about the technicality of the law, whether OW fits the bill. But one thing for certain is that the OW sure attracts enough attention (should the authority wish to stop us and raise an issue). I suppose all this depends on how strict they're going to enforce this particular law...

    I've also ridden past many officers as my daily commute goes right through the city centre which is always busy with pedestrian. I've never had any issues. The only time I was stopped while riding was by a cranky old man on a walking stick who suddenly raised his stick in an attempt to stop me while shouting "that's illegal!". Super dangerous as he caught me completely off guard.

    Anyway, I'll keep riding mine. Wonder if things would be any different in London though...

  • I would imagine it affects us as it relates to powered vehicles not meeting safety requirements for road use. The problem seems to me that it is powered rather than propelled by the rider. Having said that, I think enforcement will come down to local authorities and your local bobby might be far too baffled by how you're balancing on one wheel to wonder whether you're propelling yourself or not... Could always try the "my taxes pay your wages" line if stopped.. :cop: :v:

  • Hi, I am interested in getting a Onewheel. How much extra does it cost to get one to the UK? Many thanks Jon.

  • $300 shipping + duty charges once it arrives in the country which seem to be a couple hundred pounds 😭 ... yeah I try not to think about it too much

  • Yowzer! That's a bit more than I was hoping.

  • Yeah all said and done pretty much need the best part of 2k set aside, which is absolutely ridiculous - hence I try to only focus on the good things people are saying! I (sort of) justified the spend somewhat by planning to use it to help market my business while out and about, so if it starts some conversations which lead to trade it will ultimately pay for itself... We'll see though, very possibly wishful thinking!

    It's going to come down in price though once they supply the initial demand probably over the next 12 months i guess and then the shipping rates and Import tax will only change if they have a set up in the UK, which i guess is possible.

    If you're in North Wales any time let me know and you can definitely give mine a spin though (the estimated delivery was 'by December', which judging by other peoples experiences on here means January 2016...)

  • After a lot of indecision, I've ordered mine! Onewheel say that I will get it by the end of December. Roll on Christmas!

    I'm in Southend-on-Sea. Anyone nearby? Jon.

  • @Jon :thumbsup: hard to resist isn't it!!

  • so my ow is back and i tried to fit my fender - the bolts are weird - the Allen key hole in the top is not quite right to any keys I have and the thread is not quite 6mm (the bolts are not long enough to go through board and fender ) I think they may be imperial sizes not nice modern worldwide, except Liberia, Myanmar and of course the USA ... , metric sizing ... so tape it is - until I come up with plan C

    Plan B is to re tap the holes but I really don't want to do that

  • Damn that's annoying. Great news on getting your board back though 😀 If you get the size Can you order the bolt off Amazon or something?

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