Over Charge Notification!! Help

  • I saw a post earlier this week of someone having an over charge notification on the app. I am getting this same thing. When I power the board on it powers up, but the app says that it is overcharged and too leave it unplugged, and it goes from 10% battery to 100% in about a minute of riding. I'll ride it for maybe 5 minutes around the yard and eventually the board just shuts off as if it is out of battery. Has anyone else had to go through this?

  • Is the board new? If so leave it plugged into the charger for 48 hours to balance all the cels in the battery. Even if it's not new it is possible for the cels to become unbalanced. That would be my first suggestion.
    Also the board really can't handle going down hill on a full charge because of the regeneration which will cause a similar problem.
    Have you gone through a lot of water by any chance?

  • @RussellLite I agree with @wr420 .. my board came out of the box the same as you describe.. you need to turn the board off and on a few times, then plug in charger while the board is turned on.. charge for 48 hours to balance all cells as the app only reads one cell which could be charging first, but all other cells are flat.. this info was given my FM support and sorted the board.. I do an overnight charge once a week to keep it running good and batteries balanced..

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