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    Left to right

    • Altered M4 800 (old electric off-road board)
    • Detroit Surf Co (human powered) longboard
    • Boosted Dual+ V1 (just got it today)
    • OneWheel (the ultimate)
    • superman hoverboard (hasn't caught fire...yet)

    I didn't really post (just) to brag. I picked up a boosted dual+ v1 and just got it today, wanted to talk about my experience and comparison to the onewheel

    so of course the big difference is speed and stability (on flat smooth ground). I love the acceleration and carving at high speeds without any fear of face planting (not that it's ever happened). Even though I occasionally reach speeds of 15-17mph on the OW , I'd say I average around 10-12 comfortably cruising around the neighborhood. With the BB I can comfortably run full out at 22mph and it's a completely different experience , i can fly though and explore different areas quickly where the OW is a slower more deliberate relaxed experience (probably not explaining this very well lol )

    I say it's a different experience because it really is , you really can't compare the two at all . The OW corners faster, maintains a consistant floating feel over rough and varied surfaces and feels more like an extension of you rather than a vehicle . That last one stood out the most for me , the BB with the controller throttle and wide turns (at slow speeds) made it feel much more like a vehicle where the OW just feel like a part of you

    Anyways just some quick first day thoughts .. Any other Boosted Boarders please share your experiences

  • @detroitwheelin I like the old school board. I have never personally owned a boosted board but I rented one and two of my friends that I see occasionally own one. I agree with the top speed comment and wish OW could cruise around 18-20 mph instead of 12-15 mph. I thought the same thing as well about the handheld control with the boosted that sometimes it can become cumbersome and at slow speeds you really can't make super tight turns. The OW on the other hand can turn on a dime and everything just feels "right?" I don't know how else to explain it but there are no belts to change, no worrying about dead zones for the controller, don't have to worry about jamming up a wheel or worry about any terrain in general. They are both great boards but two totally different ends of the spectrum.

  • @detroitwheelin

    Nice Toy collection! I love the look of the off road board. The closest that I have come to something like that was Kite Boarding on the beach in Seaside, OR. I do not think I would have time for Family or Work if i had access to all of those... ;-)

  • I also think the boosted board is pretty nice, but I would always be afraid of small stones that would block the weels and send me flying!
    Are the bike lanes etc so smooth in the US?

  • @Polle my neighborhood is ok, no big potholes or anything but the roads definitely have some cracks and bumps. The boosted board actually goes over these really well at high speeds , but hits them hard when going slowly (which i had read as well before getting one). I'm guessing the reason is that once you're moving the front end lightens up a bit and floats over them better and when going slowly you have more weight over the front wheels.

    The OW obviously just runs right over these bumps and i hardly notice :) ... i do , however, notice unevenness in the road much more on the OW . when a road is leaning one way the OW feels more unstable whereas the boosted board w/ 4 wheels and a loaded deck is fine on it .

  • @LidPhones - The offroad board is (Was) cool, but i'm having issues with the controllers , no longer functioning. it uses standard IR and is really touchy. Also it takes 3 full acid batteries (similar to the kind that go in kids electric scooters) , and this makes it insanely heavy! it's at least 2-3 times as heavy at the OW

    my plans this winter is to swap out the control unit and the battery for lithium ...might also swap the motor for duals , depends how ambitious i get :)

  • @detroitwheelin That makes sense, because I noticed both wrecks Casey Neistat has had on his Boosted were at very slow speeds. But then he flies through traffic on it, barely looking where he's going, and never falls.

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