Most likely SELLING my used OW in Europe

  • hi guys
    i know it's been a while since i've last posted anything in this forum. the reason why i'm not as active on here as i used to be is the following: a few weeks back i was stopped once again by the police here in switzerland and nearly had my onewheel confiscated or to pay a fine. i initally thought the latter wouldn't be that bad but was informed by the policeman (actually quite friendly but still) that he could give me quite a high priced ticket for riding a vehicle that is not regulated/ approved by the swiss traffic laws. we're not talking about some 200 bucks. but more like 700+. not really a price i'm willing to pay considering that including taxes and so on i initially paid 2400 chf (~2500 dollars) for my beloved onewheel. this is - after a few weeks of consideration and reminiscing - why i'm thinking of selling my OW and buy a new one, once traffic laws here in switzerland catch up with reality. i wrote an email to onewheel trying to convince them that it would make sense to try and get an approval for their vehicle here in switzerland. it's something only companys can apply for, not individuals. otherwise i would have done that already. and companys really can get it. segway managed to get it. so i'm quite positive they would be successful too.. but i can't see or read anything happening in this regard. is there anyone that is looking for a onewheel including magnetic fender and some lovely scratches ? what would you be willing to pay ? yes, i'm based in europe. so it makes sense to sell it to someone close by.
    cheers chabis

  • @chabis That is a real bummer. I would hate being forced to sell my OW due to local laws. Best of luck on the selling the OW and hopefully getting one again once laws change.

  • Dude I might be interested in buying it, E mail me at and we can chat.


  • I'm feeling so sad for you...

  • Wow that sucks... Here in Belgium the police only stares and wonders what is happening...

  • @chabis je suis sur geneve pour la taff mais je suis en France, propose combien tu en voudrais ainsi que quelques photos, j'ai un ami qui serait peut-etre interessé :) sinon peut-etre ma femme..a voir :P

  • @Polle To the point where they didn't even say a thing when my 10-year old daughter was riding our OW in the train station--where even bikes are not allowed. Granted, she was going at slow speed while I was walking next to her.

  • @Tartopom je vais prendre des photos quand je peut trouver le temps de le faire.. ça serait peut-être demain. c'est quoi la taff ?

  • @chabis le taff pardon, c'est le boulot quoi :-)

  • @chabis

    I've passed cops in the street and on the sidewalk in SF, and they pay no attention to me. I'm surprised, I hope it doesn't change. I think in time your local laws will have to evolve for the better.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with that. if Segway can be used, why not Onewheel? They seem to be similar.

    The Onewheel community is losing out if you're not part of it. Will you continue your design innovations?

  • hi guys and girls :)
    thanks for all the sympathy. well, there's a reason why i haven't posted any pictures as of yet. i'm currently in talks with government officials and an OW employee trying to figure out how to get the onewheel legal in switzerland. judging by the 1.5 hour talk i had last friday with someone from the traffic department that specialises in electronic vehicles, there's a good chance that we'll be successful. however, should the process take too much time or shouldn't we be successful, i will be forced to sell my OW and get a new one once laws change.

    @dalisdair don't worry: i'll try and give my best to stay available and push things forward. though i have to admit that i haven't looked into the concave the last few weeks. i'll kee you guys posted, if you want me too. now i'll try to summarise all the info i got last friday and forward everything to onewheel. we'll see..


  • Hi Chabis, I just answered to your private mess.
    Are you still selling yours ?

    Buy the way, I'm stocked to hear your story, I think this is not fair as if you buy something legally (I guess your had to pay the customs) you should be allowed to use it.

    Selling of not, keep us posted.

  • @xav31 thanks man ! just sent you a private msg.

    i'll keep you guys posted about the progress. i've written a really long email to @Future-Motion explaining the legal situation here in switzerland and the steps they need to take in order to get everyone legally riding. i recently came across something else that's interesting, but i'm not sure if that law is still effective. if it is, it could be a reason for future-motion to ban the selling of the onewheel over here. not cool.

  • @chabis No, that's not cool at all! It's the opposite of progress!

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