Riding habits I've picked up.

  • Two things I've noticed myself doing sometimes:

    Occasionally bouncing my weight a little. I'm not sure why I do this, I think it makes me feel like I'm stabilizing the board over bumpy terrain.

    I'm pretty cowardly, and I feel like mentally at least I'm always kind of leaning back, and to speed up I pump the front end down a bit once or a couple of times, and let it rise again. It feels like I'm accelerating more cautiously and I'm ready to brake immediately if there's any loss of control. Not sure but I may only do this uphill.

    I'm not suggesting these are good habits, I don't know.

  • @dalisdair I do both of these things constantly.

  • @dalisdair - i do a bounce thing over bumps also. I compress the tire before the bump so it takes my weight off the board while going over the bump and it also causes the board to want to stick to my feet more so you don't feel like you are getting bucked off your board.

  • Thinking more about this, I might do the bouncing thing to feel loose when the going gets bumpy, like a boxer might before a fight.

    I'm also always in elevated mode, and that probably contributes to the feeling that I'm always leaning back, with the nose a little higher in the air.

  • I also do the bouncy. I do it cruising on flat street and offloading. For me, it just gets me more accurately tuned into the board and surrounding earth.
    Also I often accelerate using this method or style of tiny nudges

  • Always though I ride extreme almost never elevated and I go up ridiculous hills. Also I weigh 140

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