A respectable app

  • How about a better app, that acts like it gives a #$*!, with more features, that provides more data in a less obtuse way, that enhances safety and convenience, that isn't blown out of the water by a third party app that I have to pay for.

    The Onewheel app is really unimpressive, considering the potential.

  • Try OWheelBuddy for iOS. I love it.

    No idea what's available for other platforms...

  • If you are an android user try POWheel.

  • How much do you really need you're app to do?


    • display battery life
    • switch riding modes
    • turn on/off lights

    nice to have

    • current speed
    • trip odometer / total odometer

    geek stuff

    • battery cell info
    • motor /battery temp

    who cares

    • wheel slip detection
    • absolute top speed

    for me ... all i care about are the "necessary" above . check my ride mode and charge , turn on my lights and GO! ... enjoy the ride , don't obsess about needless details

  • @detroitwheelin agreed. I only check the app a couple times during a ride to see how battery's doing. When the ride's done I sometimes look at the overall stats before I turn off the board.

  • @detroitwheelin 'turn on the lights' - I'm curious, do you turn them off in the day and on at night? is there a battery savings from running without lights?

  • @PeterG i assume that it saves some battery and i have turned them off a few times during the day ..never bothered to compare distance on and off (i'm sure one of the pro's know the answer to that on here @thegreck ? )

  • @detroitwheelin Haha... I'm no pro, but thanks for the compliment! But I have seen this subject come up before, and most people agree that the amount of energy you save by turning the lights off might get you an extra two feet of riding per charge, but beyond that it's just personal preference.

  • I use OWheelBuddy, and I suppose I'm on the fence if an app is really needed at all, and perhaps that's why it isn't better, so people won't be mucking around with it while riding. But as long as it exists, it seems like it could be better. It could perhaps use some if it's data to allow preventative maintenance when something is getting close to needing repair. The only thing I use if for while riding is battery level, so I can make it home without running out, and the standard app doesn't do that simple thing as well as it could. That could also be handled with LEDs on the board. In fact, it might be better if you couldn't use the app at all when the board is in motion.

    I wouldn't expect the LEDs use any significant energy compared to the motor. I just leave them on at all times. I just like to see that they are on and white. I've learned it doesn't make any difference if they happen to be red.

  • The powheel has an extra bright light setting, I use it often at night.. :)

  • @parrothd,

    Thanks, I'll look for that!

  • I turn off the lights at night when I ride in places that I'm probably not supposed to. Schools and the golf course.

  • @parrothd Agreed. I use the brighter lights when I'm riding home late at night. Thanks POneWheel.
    During the day I always turn my lights off, but if it doesn't save much energy (which I'm not surprised it doesn't, since they are only LED's, maybe I'll just start cruising with them on always.

    @dalisdair said:

    I just like to see that they are on and white. I've learned it doesn't make any difference if they happen to be red.

    The lights are white in the front (in terms of motions) and red in the back (again, in terms of motion.

  • @detroitwheelin

    I never turn off the lights, haven't needed stealth yet
    I never switch riding modes
    I care about my top speed

    I'd like someone to explain to me how motor and battery temp are relevant

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